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Thread: Looking for Dual on Non-US server? Write here!

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    I am looking for a double to help me to manage my account Gallic top 80 nine villages with population

    about me:

    -23 years
    -conect from 7h to 23h (UTC +1:00)
    -buy gold
    I played more speed, with the end, several big hammer

    I search:
    one-player trading?, American or Indian, who in a timezone different from mine
    -a good experience
    -uses skype
    -buy gold

    My skype: trouducultouspoilu Cloonney

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    Hello. I am lithuanian player and searching dual from usa. About account:
    Teuton, is farm list, we play in more raiding game not in population. Who need more information writte me. Dual neednt buy gold

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    I am keen of learning Flash, is there any paragraph associated to Flash, if yes, then please post it, thanks.

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    I'm searching for a dual on a large gaul account. Dual should have late game experience and timezone around UTC +7,+6,+5 or UTC -7,-6,-5. because I am UTC -1.Farm list is made and already going well. A golding dual would be nice. Add me on skype if available. Skype name : markob007

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    i'm searching for a dual on teuton account.Server is com1 1x and we are in top100 and in top 10 robbers,we are in best guild on server.
    We are searching for someone who can buy a gold because we need it.
    Today we made 2nd village.
    Players who are in american or australian time zone are preffered.

    PP me here or add on skype acajakov95

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    Hey, looking for an active dual for an account that is top 50, with many medals and a unique artefact. Gold buyer preferred, its a t3.6 version. If interested add me on skype:

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    Smile Need a Gold Buyer

    Hello Im in need of a dual partner who can buy at least 250 gold each month.
    The server is not started yet.It is a T4 normal server.Tribe is Gaul.Leader of winning alliance.
    Aim is to be the top 10 Robber every week
    Im active 12+ hours I hope I'll get a non gold buyer Dual in 2 days.IN this way account will be completely 24 hours active.
    What I need
    A player who can buy 250-600 Gold Each month
    Can buy 250 gold at start
    Known in Alliance matters
    Known in Raiding and Robbing
    have skype or yahoo

    My skype is
    Let me know if you are using other service I will provide you my mail then
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    Hi everybody,
    We're already a team of international players who are experienced, we started our account in as a tribe of teutons, we started the server 2days late with only 2players, but we added some players later and we're now about 5, we could only activate the goldclub but there's no more gold here at all... But with the hard work and a tough plan the account is already in top50 pop and top10 robbers now...
    We were among the first 10 accounts founding our 2nd village...
    I think we've done a great job although we didnt have gold and we started 2days late...
    We are looking for 1or 2more players, the players should be experienced enough and can put some gold at first and a little each week or month so we can compete with other goldusers and we can get to higher ranks...
    So the things we expect are:
    Being experienced
    Being online for enough hours of the day
    Can play with a team and stick to the plan
    Being responsible for your works
    Can support the account with gold

    My skype is : pooya762
    Waiting for the one's interested to join...
    Human beings are members of a whole,
    In creation of one essence and soul.
    If one member is afflicted with pain,
    Other members uneasy will remain.
    If you have no sympathy for human pain,
    The name of human you cannot retain

    The Great Persian Poet

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    The new speed server (NLX) on the dutch travian is starting on the 27th of July. My friend and I are searching for an active dual to be in the top. We need an active and experienced player as dual! We are going to play with teutons and we're going to farm a lot! If you are interested to play with us, you can add me on skype: lorfreak
    We are in timezone GMT +2 and would like you to be in GMT -6
    I hope someone wants to be our dual and we're going to have a great server!
    My friend and I are experienced players and also very active!

    Thanx and greetings, Lorfreak!

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    Hello me and my friend are looking one or two persons for lithuanian 5 server who reastart tomorrow . Person must be from -6GMT or -4GMT. Tribe will be romain and agressive. Gold neednt buy. It would be top players if join person from -6GMT. Please PM me if you interesting

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    looking for a dual

    for the comx3 server opening my time line is GMT+4

    So we will be good

    i want an experienced player ....

    i dont want noobs

    i am a holder of world wonder so...i do know how a noob dual can get you in serious proplems

    so personal message me if interested i will reply you with the user and password

    the username will be ACTION.WW

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    I'm searching a good player on pk1 .. acc have 40 clubswingers the server started today i need dual for 100 gold and that's it.. he can play when he want.. just to make farm list. . i spect player with experience.. Acc is in top6 attacker.

    Acc i have 53 population i want dual who have experience with teutons!!!!!!!!!1
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    Hello I and my friend are looking 1 or 2 peoples who wants play with us. Tribe is romain( offence). Top attack 10 place and top robbers 10 place. We search peoples who are from USA. Buy gold neednt.

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for an gold buyer for my team. we are dedicated travian players with a lot of experience. PROOF of experience will be given, snapshots of current acc and pw logins etc etc. You just need to buy 250 gold first month. 250 to 600 gold in 2nd month. Add on skype: angryfighter97

    PS: we are able to handle acc 24/7, you are free to play whenever u want or as little as u want..:P Acc is in top robbers, as always..:P

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    i need a dual for the new server usx.i am in india so any us player will do. offensive teuton account..only need you for farming.

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    Hello, i'm looking dual for usx server tribe is aggresive teuton. I'm gmt +2 time zone. More info in skype ewisewis3

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    Do you need dual?

    -I play 11h on day
    -Buying golds
    -Proffesional teuton
    -Making about 112k hammer.

    PM me .

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    Hello i m looking dual in comx server more info in skype ewisewis3

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    Red face Need dual on br5=)

    Hi gues! I am from Ukraine and I am looking dual from US=) I am 18 years old > play travian 5 years.
    I need dual on 1x server.Time of server 27 days > 16 days I am playing there.
    The Largest Players - 41 place . The Most Successful Attackers - 11 place. and 29 th deff place/
    Some screenshots:
    Today I will make 3rd village=)

    Looking for good player > 2+ years of Travian=) Time from morning to evening)

    P.C. my skype >>> sourser1
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    **** Travian.


    I'm totes game.

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    Up this theme=)
    10. lolko 579 3 4272
    general information)
    27. lolko D&H 579 3

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    Default Coming fr2 server

    Hello. I and my friend are looking 1 or two peoples from Usa. We are from lithuania and our time different 8 clock. So when in our country is night in Usa is day. Tribe would be teuton. If we find person from usa account would watching all day. Who has questions writte here or to PM.
    Also we could do deal. If you are from Usa and have account we could watch your account and you would watch mine.

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    We are the top teuton account on a com server . Top 10 raider since start of server . top 5 attacker and have some of the biggest hammer in town.
    we are looking for a US zone player who can handle raiding and simming together . we require only teutons with good experince and commitment .

    contact me on skype: ravilv1 .

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    I'm offering myself as a dual for the upcoming travian tournament 2012 (x2).
    I'm a very active player,heavy raider and i have experience,i'm from romania,gmt+3.
    The account needs to be teuton or roman.
    Add me for skype for more information:snacke_rusu

    Edit:I don't buy gold.
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    Stll searching player from usa time zone

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    Hi everione!
    Im looking for good dual for next slo speed.
    Account informations:
    -aggressive teutons
    -top attackers, robbers

    We need someone who can play at GMT -5, or -6 and has experience with aggressive teutons and possibly buy gold.
    If you meet the conditions, please PM me ur add me on skype: drevesni.lupinar123

    sorry about bad english.
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    Hello guys!
    I am in need of a dual who has time for travian and is able to buy some gold not much
    The account is on the romanian speed . top 50 pop . top 50 off . got a unique artifact on the account . plenty of troops to have fun whith !

    Add me on skype and we shall talk!
    Skype frincu.eugen
    "I am always outnumbered, but never outmanned"
    - Eugen

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    Looking for a dual on a t3.6 version server, teuton account, top 50, we have medalsand an artefact. We need an active dual preferably a gold buyer, must have skype. Please add me on skype if interested: tommmmo7

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    Default Rome. Gold. Top-30 now. We are trial at this moment and want grow to at least 5 (perfect if in different time zones). Fun, strong, near top account. No plans to ask you work harder and harder. Plans to see you a smart one. Details:
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    wanna be in our team on next 3x slo speed server (six)? we are pro teuton team, we need just 1 left, who can play when we have a night. please PM me or add me on skype - drevesni.lupinar123
    have a nice day!

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    Hey fellow players,

    We are looking for a experienced dual from the USA to cover the night on our account on the Dutch speedserver (NLX ,

    Tribe: Teutons
    We are looking for: 1 person only
    Playingstyle: Aggressive
    How to contact us? Send us a PM and further communication will be via Skype.
    Information about the account and the server:

    Server is 2 days before the artefacts (day 38?). We expect to get at least 1 artefact, but chances are that we end up with 2 and later on in the game with 3. The account is in the top 40 and we are in the top10 raiders. You don't have to buy any gold, we take care of that. We expect you to cover our night: from +- 1AM untill 6AM +1GMT

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    Hey Guys!

    Me and two friends of mine are looking for a fourth player in our OFF Account on a European server. We all three used to play the years 2008 - 10 on different servers (dex, de4, ukx, ORG - nonGold Server,...) and other browserbased strategy games. Now, we really wanna start again and play within the Top 10 - 30. We really have big fun just playing and kicking other players ***!
    Everyone of us has his focus (one is building a lot, one knows every village in the 30x30 and one is an aggressive attacker). In sum, we are a really good and successful team. What we miss is somebody who covers the time at night between ~ 1am and 5am GMT. Preferable well experienced in playing Off.

    We all speak english of course, a little french and italien if you prefer. We use Skype for communication.

    At the moment, we play 2 accounts on a french server and choose the better one later in the game.

    The Accounts
    Tribe: Teuton / Roman
    We are looking for: 1 player, well experienced (played minimum 1 server off), focus would be on farming the whole night (GMT), with farm list of course! No stress.
    Playingstyle: Aggressive
    How to contact us? PM please or

    You do not have to buy gold! Just farm at night and keep an eye on the account. If somebody attacks, get him when he returns etc. Kill the hero as often you like, as long as we get Offpoints!

    That's how we play! So we are simply looking for somebody who wants to have fun with us!


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    Hey everybody.

    We're group of players from Slovenia currently there's 3 of us.

    About server:
    Started 152 days ago
    Not very agressive atm
    Very good farms

    About account:
    Top 20 pop
    Top 10 off
    offensive Gaul
    A lot of medals/flags for raiders and attacker
    Top 5 ally
    2 artefacts (atm 3 for GW and GG), eagle eye and unique

    About us:
    exprience players with gauls, romans and teutons
    finish a lot of servers in top 30-40
    always one of best attacker
    buying some gold

    What are we looking for:
    player for our night time and morning time (0.00-12.00 GMT+1) -cover as much time as possible between this time
    serious player
    buy some gold (250/month)

    Contact and more INFO --> Private Message (PM)

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    speedserver (NLX ,

    Tribe: Teutons
    We are looking for 1 person only
    Playingstyle: Aggressive
    How to contact us? Send us a PM and further communication will be via Skype.
    Information about the account and the server:

    Server is 1 day before the artifacts (day 39?). The account is in the top 40 and we have robbery medaillions. You don't have to buy any gold, we take care of that. We expect you to cover our night: from +- 1AM untill 6AM +1GMT

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    First of all i'd like to say, I'm Gary(Wasm), I am looking for an American dual for my UKx server starting in the following weeks.


    I am a very experienced teuton player, I mainly work well with aggressive players, I am currently 16 and am about to turn 17 in November, I am also starting college on the 3rd of September(tomorrow) then part time job then following weekend, so i unfortunately cannot put 100% activity in yet but i can put tonnes of gold into the account, My age can often lead to people reading this and moving on straight away but i assure you they do not know what they are leaving.

    [20:08:12] **: N did u meet gary ?[20:08:19] **: Hes frm uk
    [20:08:29] **: Excellent player

    Proof that i am a trusted player with great experience.


    All i ask of you is to be active, good raider and experienced, oh and skype, if you can buy gold that is a huge + for the account.

    Also i am setting up an alliance in the ukx server if you would like to join please contact me.

    Please contact me through skype - thewanderer199


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    My name is angel and I'm looking for duel on 3x speed server
    Info :-
    Pop :- 1880
    Troops :- allot
    Alliance :- top 10

    Looking for
    Experience player
    Raid all the time
    Most important someone I can trust
    And a friend

    If you are interesting just send a PM

    Ohh I forget I play Romans
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    Default Rome. Gold. Top-40 now. Server stage: 2 villages -> 3 villages.
    Team is searching for new members. We want to be at least 5 active players in different time zones (and we have 3 for now).
    Fun, strong, agressive, near top account. But no plans to ask you work harder and harder.
    Plans are to see you a smart one to be a part of a smart team and have fun together with no need to spend all the time here.
    Further details:


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    Need a Dual to Nox server its starting on Friday. Going after top 10 farmer,
    You should have high only time and experience with Travian pm me on Skype. Olgun97 then we can talk a little bit more

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    Hello All,

    I am currently playing au5 and I am looking for some duals, gold buyers TOO !!!

    About the Account:
    Top 20
    Top 20 attackers
    Alot of troops
    150% 15 in grey

    3-4 duals since i am currently online a lot
    Raiders and attackers
    gold buyers

    If you want to help contact me at mkarim123113 at skype
    US3R4 - Grease Monkey
    US3R5 - Illuminati [DOS]
    USXR13 - The Fallen
    USXR14 - Theonocove

    "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I wont."

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    Default Ally Recruitment for Travian Tournament Finals

    Hello All.

    As some of you might know The 2012 Travian Tournament Finals will begin on 17 Sept 2012. Our ally is searching for Qualified English Speaking members.

    Here is the Down Low.

    1-You must have a Registered account that Qualified for the Tournament Finals. (If not you might be able to find a dual partner in our forum, please express your interest on our recruitment page concerning dual.)

    2- You must have and Use Skype.

    3- Our Concept is to consolidate English speaking accounts that qualified for the Finals in order to eliminate communication break downs that often occur in international servers. Our META Won .Comy Server However a long 4 month wait for other servers to finish resulted in many people loosing interest.

    4-Interested parties Please visit our Recruitment Forum at the link below:

    5- For those of you that do not know it here is the Official Tournament Site

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