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Thread: Looking for Dual on Non-US server? Write here!

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    Hello all,

    I am about making a teuton account on plx (, we were active during the day and I`m looking for a dual that can be online during the night. I am from Poland (GMT+1) so keep in mind that my timezone and yours are not the same. I can`t be online 24/7 ( but i try^^) so I need 1 or 2 duals to cover the night.

    We will be going on TOP10 in raiders and attackers, and later on on population aswell, so with little luck, account will be one of the strongest in the game!

    Server starts on 01.17.2014

    Account status: 22.01.2014
    2 villages ( 2nd 15c+125%crop), Top 150 pop etc

    If you are interested just sent me PM or add me on skype glugowlosyhugo .

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    Default Looking for exp player from GMT -5(or similar) for aux.

    Hello my fellow travian addicts
    Aux starts soon i have team of players from uk(me) and au(2 players) wiling to start game together. but to cover 24/7 we need player from us.
    We looking for exp player willing to play agresive gaul, not necessarily gold buyer, we will cover that.
    My skype is andrzej.maly2
    thank you

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    Searching dual for upcoming com2, im GMT+1, playing long time, buying gold etc...

    What i want from you: to be travian crazy, like me, and can play a lot - so you can cover all night (server night, 7-8hrs while i sleep), to buy gold and not be a noob.

    Skype: heaven.travian

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    Quote Originally Posted by ITA View Post
    Hello guys,
    I'm searching a dual for my defensive account that started 2 months ago (rank under 100). I'm a very active gaul (perhaps too much) and I'm european. I need someone that could cover "my" night (when for you it's afternoon and evening), send raids and sim a little. First of all I need someone that uses skipe and is active. For more informations add me on skipe: struguntuclu. Not noobs. I am a woman so I prefer men
    I'm still searching but now we are 2

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    Lightbulb Dual for speed

    Hi everyone
    We are two and searching for one dual for a defensive account on AUX. We are active and covering 16 hours.
    We are from Asia and Poland.
    We need some who can cover 19:00-03:00 (GMT+0)
    Can send raids

    Gold is not required but if you buy it will be appreciated.

    PM me if you want to join us

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    Server : com10
    Tribe : romans
    Rank : top 10 pop,top 10 robbers
    Week : 11th
    We just lost dual,so we are looking for someone to cover him up. His timezone was +4,so someone with that timezone would be great.
    Buying gold is not a must,but if you could afford it it'd be awesome.
    We have #2 biggest roman army in server.
    If you are interested add me on skype
    Ex :
    com4-lojpur Shiny things
    Us5 - Fred Perry,TNT - left after becoming huge CC meta
    Current :

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    Server : uk2
    Tribe : gauls
    Rank : top 10 pop,top 10 raiders
    Week : 14th
    We need a new dual.
    Buying gold is not a must.
    We have nice army, nice team (ally have first raiting as population, as attacker, as highest climber, as highest raider).
    If you are interested add me on skype

    Skype: mihalichmss

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    Hello, all.

    I have found myself on an Australian server, dualing with a Canadian, and leading an alliance. The au server (regular) is much more laid back than the us servers. We have a couple of players who are in need of a dual. If anyone is interested, please PM me.

    Thank you.

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    Hi im currently playing at NOX server, its been 24days since it started. we are now 4players on a top teuton account that plays offensive. we are on de top 10 farmers. but now we would need one or 2 duals that can play when its night over here.
    can buy gold,
    have to play our night between 00-06. (GMT+1) i Think?

    Any questions? please write a message!
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    Hello guys!

    I am about making a top teuton account on nl (, I am active during the day and I`m looking for a dual that can be online during the night. I am from Croatia (GMT+1) so keep in mind that my timezone and yours are not the same. I have played with the Teutons before many times and all my teuton account were in top 100 at the end of the server, so yes I am experienced, but obviously I can`t be online 24/7 so I need 1 or 2 duals to cover the night and maybe the morning (my timezone).

    We will be going on TOP10 in raiders and attackers, and later on on population aswell, so with little luck, account will be one of the strongest in the game!

    Also note that I prefer a dual that can buy some gold, and if you would buy ONLY 30 GOLD IN THE BEGGINING, it would be enough. I do not want to use a lot of gold, but we would need some for gold club and soem NPC.

    Server starts on 17.2.2014

    If you are interested just sent me PM or add me on skype onefrom2

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    Server : NLX
    Tribe : Teuton
    Rank : top 100

    We are looking for an American player or someone in this zone that would strengthen Dutch server speed NLX us ..

    Server is less than 2 weeks old and we are looking for a dual hard we run very well and played with gold ..

    We are a team who understand the game on a rioting account no endgame plans ..

    Do you have any questions or would like intrested pm me ..

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    Server :
    Tribe : Teuton
    Rank : ~150 pop, ~50 attackers , ~100 defenders and ~100 hero
    Week : 5th
    We are now sadly down to 2 people and need a new dual.
    Buying gold is necessary but we do not mean a lot of gold. Only a little amount.
    We have a good army, good raiding amount and are in a the currently better meta.

    If interested contact me on skype. My skype is nishant.mohile

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    Hi! I'm looking for a few guys yeah and Girls haha doesn´t matter as long as u can play travian good and have some experience and serious when u are playing.
    Im currently on NOX server a top 10 teuton account, offensive and rank 2 on farmers list. but now me and my friend and looking for some duals for the Swedish speed server when its restarting, it is few weeks left of the game tho but we want to be out in good time so we can find good duals!
    If u are what we are looking for, please Contact me here or on Skype or my email.
    Skype: ProtonJr

    can play our night. we are in GMT+1
    can buy gold
    is effective and good raider!
    for more information please send a message here, on Skype or my email!

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    Need a gold supporter for inx server.
    Week 5 .
    Top 10 raider Teuton account.
    Anyone interested can contact me in skype or pm me.

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    Need a dual in in3 server..
    I am looking for a dual who is pretty active and who knows to raid.. Gold is not mandatory..
    The account is currently in the 1st place in the top raiders and attackers.....
    The server was started juz 3 days ago...
    Contact me in skype: or PM me..


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    Hi guys i am searching for a dual or two who can help me whit a teuton account top attacker on . i am leader of a ally. second village is a nice croper whit 150% bonus. i have a deff account in the new area . planing to get a nice army . i buy gold so i espect the same from you.

    Contact me on skype : frincu.eugen
    "I am always outnumbered, but never outmanned"
    - Eugen

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    I am looking for duals for the upcomming Russian 3x.
    We already have a good coverage, I'm GMT+1 and my duals are GMT+4 and GMT+10.
    But we are looking for a 24/7 account, thats why we need more duals.
    We want to play a Offensive Roman.
    We BUY gold and expect the same from you.

    Pm me back if you are interested with your timezone and experience.


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    TOP 50 TEUTON needs dual to help farming and cover the night hours.

    I am playing on the norwegian speed server, which started 46 days ago. I have 11 villages, and I am in a very good alliance. Even though I am in the center I have no threats near me and I am not beeing attacked. I buy gold, but if you do buy gold it would really help me out.

    I have a attackers medal from week 4, and a sizeable sweep. I also have a small GW/GG artifact, so things are looking good. An american dual would be excatly what I need, as I need sleep, but if you are excperienced and would like to help me farming you are welcome to add my skype: sindretho ( I will probably not respond to messages here, add me on skype if you are interested)


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    I'm interested in joining a top account on any server.

    I have several years experience and have experience with each tribe.

    If you have any other questions or would like me to join you please contact me at al.smith7373 on skype.

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    I'm still searching other duals, the account is defensive with many troops, rank under 100, server .com. I need someone that can send some raids and sim a little, with experience. We are 2, perhaps we will be 3 in few days. But if we are 4 or 5 it is better. So I can play with more relax because I usually play every day since 07.00 to 23.00. And I start to be tired I wait for you!!

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    I am looking for duals for the upcomming Russian 3x.
    We already have a good coverage, I'm GMT+1 and my duals are GMT+4 and GMT+10.
    But we are looking for a 24/7 account, thats why we need more duals.
    We want to play a Offensive Roman.
    We BUY gold and expect the same from you.

    Pm me back if you are interested with your timezone and experience.


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    Default Farmlist Night Exchange? :)

    Hey guys, im from Denmark and is playing solo top raid account on normal danish server, so i thaught one of you guys could help me sending the raid list out at night, then i will send your list out at your night, and everyone is even happier

    My time zone is GMT+1, if your interested please ad me on skype:

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    Hi there guys.
    I am here cause i need player from USA (from your GMT) to make account 24/7.
    So the acc is teuton top farmer. With gold.
    There 2 of us from Europe-Asia.
    If u are interested, you can get more details in skype: never_be_owneed

    B/R Leonardo D.V.

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    I am looking for an US based player, that can help me cover my account on vnx, from 8pm to 1am GMT -4, I am Roman, and just started for 4 days ago, I am gold buyer and user.

    I need from you:
    A little know how about Travian (server is not understandable)
    Gold buyer is a good thing (1600 = 25$)
    Have and use Skype

    A little about me:
    I played Travian since it was a beta (I know, it is loooong)
    I am 30+ and a male

    Interested? Find me on Skype ID: Bamsebjorn2003


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    Hey guys im looking for 1-2 players to join us on african speed server account. (I already have 1 dual.

    Info on the server
    Server started 8 days ago with heavy farms

    Info on the account
    150% c15 capital !!!
    3 villages
    Gaul account
    600 pop
    A lots of TT's for raiding
    Going to be a strong in troops gaul
    Good ally

    Info about me
    I'm an experienced player, also the other one is a 7 years travian player,we both cover more than 10 hours every day.

    What I want from you
    To be able to be active for at least 4-8 hours a day maybe more
    Love to the game
    Team player
    Buy gold is a must

    If are you interested contact on skype on mulder_trav

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    Apr 2008
    Behind you!

    Default Need of a dual

    About the Account:
    Com server 2
    The server start around 45 days ago
    Im a the roman tribe
    Its a top 20 in pop, and attack and has a top 20 hero.
    It has dipped unfortunately because all my duals have quit cause of real life issues and I cant mantain it by myself.

    what I need:
    To be active most of all.
    Can contribute gold if you can.
    and have skype.

    Pm me on here and send me your skype account if interested.

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    Hey there,

    i'm looking for a good and active dual for a german normal server. I play a teuton account, top raider since the beginning, much activity and fun guaranteed. Account is in the leading raiding alliance. So if you are interested, inbox me.

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    We Searching for a Dual from US to cover the night hours,( time UTC/GMT +1 )
    We are from Germany and playing on a German Server.
    Top 50.
    Top 10 Deff
    For sure the best ally on the server

    Write me at skype : diewcente

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    Post Upcoming comx


    We need duals for upcoming comx
    its going to be a roman account
    we are experienced players and well known on comx and other speed servers

    we are very serious players we are not aiming for anything less than top
    and we are searching for a dual who can complete the team

    add me on skype if intrested my id is Mousa-akika

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    I am looking got a dual on in3
    About acc-
    2 people playing it
    The acc gets monthly gold
    The acc is top 150
    The acc is roman
    decent army
    OFF acc
    From u-
    Good experience
    Can Learn
    Can buy gold a bit like us

    Contact me on skype- deviltravian

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    - comX
    - USA GMT
    - my GMT is +2
    - we are native speakers of English
    - experience on teuton off (farm)
    - teuton
    - skype: never_be_owneed

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    I would like to help somebody to look after their villages and army for some days.
    It is time of Spring Fever for mad people and I want to play travian again =.)
    I don't have much time, but some experience with me. Skype me
    Prefer Teutons most of all, but I am ready to play for any race.
    And one detail.. Only T3.6, please =.)

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    hey !
    looking for an dual.....for zax !

    info :
    1. tribe : gauls offensive
    2. gold acount
    3. we r an team of 3 players.
    4. we cover a lotta time
    5. in top alliance
    6. we buy gold every month

    1. ya buy gold.
    2. ya exp with gauls or a very fast learner
    3. will be giving a lotta time to the account....
    4. you r an american or australian.
    5. you r awesum .

    if ya have the following qualities in ya , then contact us on skype .

    our ID are : 1. sauvik.neogi1
    2. insaneoikukas

    so quickly give us an reply at skype !!!

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    Default Need help for top account
    looking for an American who covers the afternoon (afternoon in usa)
    tribe is roman account rank 40

    for more info contact spacekael on skype

    Thanks and good day

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    Default Wanted dual- Good for startup player

    Hey guys am back again one of the duals that won a .com server a year ago and my buddies seemed to have taken a break as such and i am still playing...... took a break like 4-5 months so i have joined a new gaul acc..... my first time as gaul though!!

    So as the subject reads i want a dual and basically i ask nothing but time.... i mean u maybe playing for the first time.... but still i'll accept since the only thing m looking here is for a guy to send raid.

    Personal message me here or email me at

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    Delta - Looking for T4.4 speed Gold dual.

    -Not much experience required, as all will be taught, just gold required

    -Skype - deltaznak

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    Looking for dual at, it is speed T3.6 version.
    I have a Teuton account top10 pop. Didn't use gold before, but we may do it if you wish.
    Not many troops, but enough for farm. You can write me a private message or in skype
    Thanks =.)

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    Server: UK
    Speed: 3x
    Version: 4.4

    Looking for an enthusiastic person to run a Roman account for speedy server. The account will be among the 1st to hit 2nd village - may even be the 1st since 3 settlers and CP is already completed The account already has gold but we're looking for people who can also contribute to it. Experience is preferred but most skills & tricks can easily be taught, you may even learn a thing or two regardless how experienced you are

    Not looking for sitters/buyers/duals, looking for a partner (that sounded a bit awk). I think most people tend to boss around or get carried away with duals and just fall apart, we're a pretty chill group who happens to work well together so if you're interested contact me on Skype ID: r4riven. Or don't, but we're going to play anyway.

    I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

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    Server : .com qualifiers (Tournament 2014)
    Speed : 2x
    Version : 4.4

    We have a roman account, might be buying a little gold but mostly non-gold so the same preference is there for a dual. We would like a gold dual but non-gold one works fine . If anyone is interested ping me on skype, mine is : nishant.mohile.

    Till we meet then,

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    Im and duall looking for third player in TT Balkan. We need to cover night in america is in that time day so you can play normal. We play with gold but for you isn't necessarily. We are players from Slovenia with a lot of experience. We have gauls off acc. If anyone is interested add me on skayp: maligrilc

    Server: .com qualifiers (Turnament 2014) TT Balkan
    Speed: 2x
    Version: 4.4


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