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Thread: Looking for Dual on Non-US server? Write here!

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    Hi, our team is searching for a dual for sez(Swedish x3). The server starts August 25th at 6am GMT +2. We are all very good players but we need one more to help out with the night shift.

    You need to fill these criterias:
    - Be able to be active from 1am-6am, at least. (GMT +2)
    - Be somewhat experienced, we have a good night dual already so any mediocre players will learn the ropes quickly.
    - Be able to buy gold! We all have agreed to put gold in so it's not only you.
    - Account: Romans (-|-), Offensive (Big Account, Big Raids, Big Hammers is our motto)

    Goals are to be in the top 20 at least, get a LOT of medals, have one of the biggest hammers on the server and to have fun while doing it! If you are interested, hit me up on skype "zacke_s" and we can talk or answer this message.

    Current account on usx:

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    Hey Everyone!

    I need a sitter for a 24H account. The server is tx3 UK (ukx

    Tribe: Offensive Roman
    My activity: 7:15am to 23:00pm (GMT +1)
    Requested activity: 23:00pm to 7:15am (GMT +1) - This is afternoon/evening for most US players
    Gold use (Yes/No): Yes I'll use gold.
    Population: 101 (Rank 66)


    I like to have a good time, I have played this MMO concept for 10 years this september (six years of overall experiance with travian only). I use gold my-self but do not require you to do the same. When thats said the account is considered mine furthermore until a certain level dedication and a bond of trust is achieved, then I like to have it shared equal as partners and like to be common to the direction of the account.

    - ukx (
    - which time zone you would like someone to be in: UTC -7 or alike.
    - which time zone you are in UTC +1
    - how much time you would like the dual to put in: Atleast 6 hours (while I sleep)
    - experience. I got ten years of experiance with this game concept (six years with travian only)
    - which tribe the account is: Offensive Roman
    - any other information you would like to share:
    I use gold myself but do not expect anyone to do the same, atm Iam rank 66 (110 pop) The server started yesterday so I like to have a good time playing with someone though the hole server.

    Further info can be given if needed, you just take contact

    Contact information:
    Skype: coke4mand

    - Thanks in advance
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    Good evening everyone.
    As title says, I am looking for 2-3 players to share acc with on uk1. It is two week til server starts, bit early, but I'd like to have everything sorted til Monday, so we can play with strategy we discuss. Since I am not able to be online all day in first few days of server this is just one more reason to get duals prior to server start.

    About me:
    4 years of experience. Played Teuton accounts on 3.6 and 4.2. This year I play Teuton acc, I was dual there, but acc owners left and I was forced to play alone, and managed to get acc to 3rd simmer place.
    This tells enough, if anyone doubts, PM me so I can give more detailed info.
    Experienced in raiding, attacking, simming, partly in deffing (sniping etc. I also have specialised deff vilas on my current account). So basically everything except ally leadership. Played only hammer accounts, so please only ones who are going to play offensively should apply.

    I stated I'd like to play on Teuton account, but Roman is fine, although I never played them I sitted Romans, so know what to do... strategies are pretty much the same for every hammer player.
    Only serious players apply please, cause I am aiming for top like I always do... this comprehends gold buying, skype, 2-3 other duals, good coordination and experience. Account should be covered at least 20 hours per day, so duals should be from other time zones- USA, Australia or from UK if they cover night and morning.

    Applications on skype: jamajka173

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    Okay, 2 very good , expierenced and active guys searching for a dual, who can buy gold. We will play on ltx, it will begin in about 2 weeks~. Our tasks is simple to be the best! But for that we need golder 2 village guaranteed after 40h max.

    PM or skype saruniux2

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    Found dual , dint find the delete button , u guys can delete this post Thank you
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    1. Experienced of 2 yrs with offensive paying
    2. Gold Buyer
    3. Good Raider
    4. Skype User
    5. Awesome

    Info About Us :
    1. we're two players playing atm
    2. we are playing on idx which started 2 days ago....( its fun ! )
    3. we cover like 19hrs of a day...
    4. we're totally awesome !
    5. we like to raid
    6. we are in the first 10 people to 2nd settle village
    7. we need to come soon as BP ends in 14hrs ...we neeeda RAID !!!!!!!!!!

    to know more contact : sauvik.neogi1
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    Experienced Travian player , just not on the US server. Anyone need a dual? Add me on skype: Bryan.s5
    Experienced with Teutons and romans.

    i'm very active and i can play when you're asleep cause i'm from europe.

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    Default Gaul Dual

    Hi everyone
    I want to have at least 1 dual for a def account.
    I have 5 villages population 2300 in top 100 . Just start making def troops.

    I want some one who can put some hours (4-6 hrs)
    Skype OR FB

    Gold is not required but if you buy it will be appreciated.

    PM me if you want to join me

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    We are looking for a US player to play in a spanish server that will start next monday. Good raider, experienced and serious player. The gold is not an issue yet

    We're going to start with a lot of collegues from another server as offensive romans.

    C'mon, you can learn some spanish
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    Need someone who can cover my night hours, im australian.

    Server: BaX
    Roman Account
    Population rank:29
    Attacker rank: 45
    Hero rank: 45 (level 56)
    Building two roman hammers, have only just started my 2nd

    I have been playing solo this whole server so i need a dual now
    A gold buyer would be nice, but i do buy gold

    must be a big raider, it is possible for this account to reach top10 raiders, i usually start in top10 a beginning of week but cant maintain it.

    47 Days into server, i also have an artifact

    contact me on skype please: wtftravian

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    Default Dual for dex

    As the title says we are going to play on the german speed that starts October 10th. We are going to build an awsome ally of about 20-25 players. A lot of us played last usx in Insanity so those who played there know we are a really good group of players.

    -Dual has to be able to be online from 24-06.
    -We play teutons, offensive.

    Contact me on skype zacke_s.

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    Seeking players for a top OFF Romans Acc in closed beta T5, and we are looking for players from America covering the night time and resources are available we come from Europe and thus have a good time shift

    If you have interest just contact ...

    Skype: diamondrebell
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    Searching for duals for Trvian tournament finals. !!!!

    contact skype : sauvik.neogi1

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    Hi everyone,
    I and my friend will play at which start in 6-Otc-2014
    We are in UTC+7 and we need a partner
    -At UTC -5 , so you can be online when we sleep and vice versa
    -We haven't never bought gold
    - I am master at raiding so u dont need any exp, I can guide u
    All you need are ACTIVE and PATIENCE to go to the end of game

    Contact me via gmail:

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    Hello US-guys

    - very experienced players
    - teutons -->faming\ Off
    - gold players
    - close to 24/7 already

    -Attacker 1 and Raider 3
    -In total about rank 50 pop

    - experienced
    - be online at normal US-time (our night)
    - know how to play strong account

    Skype--> planeshift.faming

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    Server: (German)
    Account: Top roman with 2 villages (off)

    We search someone which be online at normal US-time (our night). If he/she buys some gold is assumed without question

    Write in pvt or skype: andre46j (sorry for the imperfect language ahaahh)

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    Looking for a gold buying dual on comf (finals) will be a top raiders and attackers me or add me on skype ethan.mcvety if interested

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    Looking for travian tournament finals dual or golder, we are very experienced players, my team plays travian 7+ years, we will play as aggressive teuton raiders. So we are looking for golder(no matter place) and 1 player (USA, CANADA gmt zone). Then account should stand on 24/7.
    If you are experienced and aggressive or just can buy us some gold contact me skype: edmantass

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    Default Austtalian server, teuton acc looking for dual

    Hey guys

    Im currently playing AU4 (an australian server) with my partner. We are doing well.. how ever, we need an american to help dual us to cover the awkward times where hes going to bed and i still havent woken.

    Its a simple aggressive teuton account.

    Add me on skype


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    I am looking for acc in finals i can play on i am good farmer and i am golder aswell i can be up in the acc in the night aswell
    Send me a mess on forum

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    still looking for an dual for idx.....Top 10 account Top 10 robbers

    contact skype if interested
    skype ID : sauvik.neogi1

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    Hey Guys we Are Looking For A Gold Buyer !! In Finals

    About The Account :
    Off Roman
    4 Players !! Active
    Off Rank : 600 and Raising !!

    U Should :
    Gold Buyer
    ( we Already Buy Gold But we Need Other Gold Buyer )
    Active as U Can
    Ready To Have Fun and Be In The Top

    So If U interested
    Account Holder Skype : masood.khan690

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    Hello people.

    A good friend of mine, from central Europe and myself (im from Sydney) are looking to play on the South African server starting in 2 days time (Friday, 1:30PM).

    We are an experienced duo, but due to both of us being uni students, we need a third man to help cover.

    South africa is an english server, roughly the same size as aussie servers.

    We are both gold buyers, we are hoping to achieve 1st place in all departments.

    Please add me on skype if interested.


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    New comx starts 5.11.2014 in 6 days.

    I am looking someone to play possibly the last t4.4 .com speed with.

    I am Experienced player, who has been playing Gauls for 4 years, off and deff. I have been starting to play on national servers(.si) then moved to .hr,.ba,.de. Then I went to usx,ukx,comx. I have finished only 2 servers.

    I come from GMT+2 (Slovenia). Unfortunately i dont buy gold, but neighter i spend it. I tend to make 400+ gold from auctions and keep it until artefacts... Anyway I have everything a decent player must have(skype,gett ertools,activity(6+hours/day), seriousness and maturity).

    My flaws are: I don't buy gold and i am a little lazy in farm adding department. Which makes me a kick*ss defensive player.

    What can you expect from me is dedication, maturity, activity, skype chatter, knowledge and willingness to expand my knowledge of the game and races. I know gauls very good, less so Romans and Teutons, but I can read all about it.

    What do I expect of you? Basicaly same as I offer i.e. Dedication, seriousness, activity, skype, be from other timezone that gmt+2.

    Edit: About account: Nothing is yet decided.

    Got what it takes? Send me PM and prove it.

    PM shows what type of player are you, so don't send :"Hey i can be ur dual. add me skype:alsndfrj33".


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    We (a team of 4 players) need someone who can handle a good offens gaul account with us in the finals. The time that is not covered for our account is 23:00 - 6:00 GTM +1.

    We have a 100% 15cropper. And this village is under attack(so we are in defenders of the week) . Hope someone will help us so we can grow into a top200 pop account.

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    Default Gaul dual search(comx)

    I play Gauls on comx and I look for someone to play with me. Right now since I'm alone on acc. and don't buy gold, I will play defensive.

    But if I get someone who can add some gold to account we can manage with off acc.

    I am experienced in both ways. I cannot buy gold myself unfortunately. I don't spend gold until artefacts, only for settlers maybe if i need to hurry and sometimes if it's really necesary.

    So PM anyone who wants to play with me. Timezone not that important but it would be nice if you can play at night, since im online during day...Gold or not also not too important, it only matters for off or deff account. All that really matters is that you speak english and are using skype, active and not someone who quits when things don't go as they should.

    I really want get to know someone's experiences and all the informations I need in one simple PM to get clue of what you expect and want before adding you to skype.

    PM with details!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daerys View Post
    I play Gauls on comx and I look for someone to play with me. Right now since I'm alone on acc. and don't buy gold, I will play defensive.

    But if I get someone who can add some gold to account we can manage with off acc.

    I am experienced in both ways. I cannot buy gold myself unfortunately. I don't spend gold until artefacts, only for settlers maybe if i need to hurry and sometimes if it's really necesary.

    So PM anyone who wants to play with me. Timezone not that important but it would be nice if you can play at night, since im online during day...Gold or not also not too important, it only matters for off or deff account. All that really matters is that you speak english and are using skype, active and not someone who quits when things don't go as they should.

    I really want get to know someone's experiences and all the informations I need in one simple PM to get clue of what you expect and want before adding you to skype.

    PM with details!
    Still looking

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    Default Gaul dual for INX

    Hi Guys,
    Im looking for 2 players to join me on upcoming INX (starts on Friday)

    Server Info: Server will be start on Friday. We have an alliance to come that server with us.
    Account Info: It will be a Gaul account. Going to be an Anvil mainly composed of Druids
    Have some friends as alliance
    About Me: I am an experienced player currently playing AUX server. Planning to do something new in INX
    You Should be able to be active for at least 4-6 hours a day maybe more
    Skype/ Whatsapp
    Act on the Plan
    A notice if you will be going away for a while
    Gold is a plus if you can buy
    PM me If You are interested

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    Hi Everyone,

    Looking for a dual on BGx.....its a top raiders/top attackers.....acc is very active just missing a few hours for the night over UTC -5......would very much like it if you were a gold buyer.....add me on skype if interested


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    Looking for a dual to add to our team of 3 on the upcoming Ancient Europe 2x server starting on December 1st. Contact me via private message if interested. We'll be an unorthodox Teuton raider.

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    Looking for dual for top 3 account...

    For more details PM me or contact skype : sauvik.neogi1

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    Im looking for a dual on this NOX(Norwegian speed x3)
    Time zone is CET(Central European) Which time sone any dual's in doesn't really mather that much.
    Need to speak english if this is going to work out.
    Im looking for a dual that can be a bit flexible. Im quite flexible myself.
    At least 2-3 years experience.. Nothing below that. Im on same level.
    The account is in teuton, currently building a hammer.

    If interested pls contact me on skype(which is required) at: Shallllal.
    Can also contact me on email at:

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    Hey guys, Two experienced gold user players looking for a third, and potentially fourth dual.
    We currently do 12 hours each, to make sure account is 100% active.
    Looking for someone who can 100% cover a 6 hour shift between 20:00 gmt+0 until 08:00 gmt+0. Two places available
    Naturally if we get two decent duals you can sort out what's more convenient for each of you.
    We were rank #1 and rank #2 raider in first week of comx, but we were both on different accounts at the time and we both lost duals.
    We are currently top #1 raider on INX for first two weeks, looking to continue playing here until UKX starts.
    We are looking for a dual who can match us on time/gold/dedication. We use skype, and have a good laugh whilst dominating.
    Experience would be great, but if you are looking to learn how to further your skills on travian, this could be perfect oppertunity for you.
    Thanks for reading, add ekulhsur89 on skype to have a chat with us both - Brutal Carnage.

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    Looking for a dual for the upcoming AE server on com domain. I am an experienced player looking to play a laid-back server. With that being said, I am still looking to having a good account, aiming at top100, and I do gold. I am in the US, so its prefferable you are elsewhere. Account details will be decided when we meet up, but it will be most likely an offensive account. PM me if you are interested

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    Lightbulb Dual for INX

    Im looking for a dual again since our 3rd dual has left

    Some info about account
    Tribe Gaul
    Style Raid/Anvil
    Account is in top 60 overall rank
    Have 5 villages including a 15C 25% as capital

    What we need
    We are looking for someone who can put 5-6 hours, can send raid and Sim hard.
    If he can put some gold it will be plus.
    Skype/whattsapp/facebook contact (facebook will be prefered)

    PM me if you are interested to play a nice anvil account
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    I am looking for duals for the com9 server. All timezones are welcome. My timezone is -5 and my dual's timezone is +1. You will have to speak english so we can communicate effectively in skype. I would prefer you to put in 5 hours a day, but it is up to you. I understand that life happens and sometimes you can't play that much. The duals can be experienced or new. I can teach the new duals and I can discuss strategies with the experience. Currently, we are a teuton and in top 300 (we are pushing troops and scouts) in terms of population and 100k resources raided (Not a huge amount but it will definitely pick up next week because of all the people coming out of BP) We have a decent amount of gold on the account but we are not a big gold user however if you buy gold, you are free to spend it. That should be all. If you are interested, add me on skype @ PkLord753

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    Looking for a dual on a top 20 Roman account.

    Server is about 6 weeks old, normal speed
    Gold is used but you don't have to buy it unless you want to spend it
    Playing defensive
    I am in the US so if you are from Europe or another continent that would be good but it doesn't matter much

    Message me on skype kylllllle

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    i'm looking for dual on sk server, i'm italian player so we are on different hours,
    no noob
    top account, gauls, with gold =)

    contact me on skype address: scerman93 or for pm

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    Dual Request COMX
    TOP 5 off roman acco
    Looking for 1-2 duals,
    We Prefer N-A/S-A/USA, but will take people from otherplaces too.
    Little bit about us: Active roman offplayer with multiple PD and active raider.Gold Users
    Server started 6 weeks ago. We own artifacts.
    What we are looking for:
    Like everyone on this account, we expect your to speak good english.
    Expirience: We expect that u know basics of raiding,are good/advanced on game mechanics and know BASICS!
    we are willing to teach u if u have some problems or questions, but we are looking for A DUAL, Not student!
    We expect that you can be online atleast 3-4h a day. More is PREFERRED! as most of our players are online 8-10h a day.
    We expect you to be gold buyer,Not huge amounts since everyone contributes, but SO DO YOU!

    If you (and your mate) want to join Our powerteam
    send me a msg or contact me over skype: killblitz

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    Default Travian international S2

    international Travian S2 server will be restarting in January
    I would like to take this chance to invite interested people to join us and work together in this challenging server
    simply by emailing me at

    we will be discussing plan on how to strive for success in this server, once more members have joined
    and i will keep you updated

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