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Thread: What happened to the BiA?

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    Default What happened to the BiA?

    So the "Brothers in Arms" alliance...yesterday they were the largest alliance in the game, today there is no sign of them. Did they disband or just change their name?

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    Weird. The BIA villages near me didn't just change alliances, they disappeared!

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    as an ex-BIA memeber... the people who wanted to fight went one way and formed a more aggressive allaince and the wusses went the other way or went away...

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    If they were wusses how did they get into BiA to begin with?

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    Map hax, pure and simple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joafu View Post
    Map hax, pure and simple
    That has nothing to do with how they got IN the alliance. Seemed to me that BiA only accepted crazy strong, expanding, non-american beer drinkers, doesn't seem possible a wuss could have gotten through that.

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    the whole reason BiA was torn apart is because they didnt accept crazy strong members, they accepted any members.

    I had two BiA farms in my area , one of which being dorkydude666.
    after a while, they deleted their account and start over else-where.

    The only reason they stayed together for a while is because they had Dong who at the time was the strongest player in the game until random showed up.

    Neither Random nor Dong have the largest armies anymore, one of the ' - ' members does, who will go un-named by me.

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    Are you random and dong's sitter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Almighty Spirit View Post
    Are you random and dong's sitter?
    No, he is neither of their sitters.
    I know the whole sitter circle, and will not announce it here, but I do sit one of them and know both army sizes.

    Not to mention, you dont know how big the armies in our alliance are ^^ 5k? easy.

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    so who has the biggest army?

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    no reason for me to tell

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    this really isnt the right section, i will try to move it to the proper section if i can..
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    Just to be clear: necroing is entirely cool now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5m4llP0X View Post
    Just to be clear: necroing is entirely cool now?
    Well, this necro was completely random and pointless, but maybe that was the point?

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    Just checking to make sure if that rule is suspended.

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    If you are referring to my "necroing" the "Grey Area Antics" thread, I would argue that while there are players other than teammates in the grey, then it is impossible for the thread to die..
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    Not just yours. But by the fact that this has not been deleted it is apparent that we are allowed to necro whatever we want. Good to know.

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