The sun was already rising, but still the workers of the metropolis I HEART BBH kept on working to finish their prodigious monument. Around 18:57 am/pm a worker finished the greatest and most formidable building in Travian history since the downfall of the Natarian Empire.

Together with their alliance, "BS", "kalel13" was the first to finish the construction using millions of resources and protecting it with hundreds of thousands of brave defenders and thus receives the title "winner of this era".

In the end, "SNPRLothar", was the ruler over the greatest empire followed shortly by "enderaggie" and "Deadpool".

The mightiest and most fearsome commander was "kalel13", and "Hong Meiling" was the most glorious defender who slaughtered enemy hosts at his gates staining the lands around his villages with their blood.

Ended: 5th June 2009