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    Default Updating Wren's Table of Contents

    Hello all!

    I recently undertook an updating of Wren's Table of Contents. Wren of course did a wonderful job creating a table of contents to some of the better/best guides available, but as you know, it's now somewhat outdated with the nearly domain-wide implementation of T4, so I tried to update as best as I could and include some other guides that I have found to be helpful.

    Here's a link to his original Table of Contents:

    If you have any further suggestions for additions to this list, please let me know.


    Table of Contents

    Game rules: Read them, learn them, play by them
    T4 Answers (if you see something here that needs clarification, let me know and I'll see what I can do)
    Pushing Protection System: Details on allowed resource transfers, also includes rules about chiefing sitters/alliance members
    New "Free Wheat" Calculations: Why the game tells you to upgrade your wheat fields even though you have "positive" wheat
    How to change your registered email address: The email address associated with the account determines account ownership
    Gold Transfer FAQ: How to transfer gold from one account to the next. Please note: referral gold is now 50 gold, and the referred player must settle a second village
    IGM BB code guide: Breakdown of all IGM formatting options. Please note that MH's and Support can't see any formatting you use in your messages to them - they only see the plain text
    Basic IRC guide: Getting started with Internet Relay Chat? Read this.
    Advanced IRC guide: Just what it sounds like. Use this as a reference to run/operate your own channel.

    Beginner's Help

    Guides for T4:
    Intro to Travian T4: Exhaustive overview of T4 gameplay
    Bandgeek's Guide for Beginners: Quests: Quest guide, with labeled pictures
    Bandgeek's Guide for Beginners: Troops: Information about troop types (tribe-specific and also hammer vs anvil) and advice about troop building for beginners
    Steve's T4 Hero & Adventure FAQ
    JD's Guide to Capturing Animals
    T4 Auction Guide
    T4 Map Guide: How to navigate and use the tools available on the map
    Hero Items - Images and Effects: Includes the newest hero item artwork for male and female heroes

    Guides appropriate for any version of the game:
    Wren's FAQ: Quick answers to many basic questions. Written for 3.6, but many of the basics are still the same, regardless of version
    Anti-Farming guide: An absolute must read for all players.
    Guide to Advanced Account Building: You've survived getting your account started; now what?

    Guides for 3.6 (classic); currently there are no servers on the .us domain running this version
    Beginner's Guide to Travian!: The original beginner's guide, geared towards version 3.6. Wonderful, if outdated images drive this very useful guide. Also contains a glossary and FAQ.
    Heroes: An Explanation: Everything about how the version 3.6 heroes work.
    Guide to Hero Selection: Not sure which 3.6 unit to make your hero? This'll show you which.

    Tribe-Specific Guides
    Nailzz's Guide of All Guides: Teuton: Wren's favorite guide. The numbers are calibrated for speed servers and most gold-users disagree with the capital choice, but the type-A mentality can't be beat. Written for T3.x but easily adaptable to T4.
    T's Guide for Romans: Must-read, breaks down pace and standard strategy for Romans. Written for T3.x, but the general strategy is still good for T4
    Steve's T4 Roman Start Guide
    Hugglebear's Guide to Huggling (Gaul style): Epic guide for aggressive gaul play. Wonderful strategy.
    Gaul Guide: Great guide for Gauls that doesn't depend on raiding for success.
    Why Trappers ARE Useful: Short and sweet.

    azure's farming guide: Basic overview of farming at each point in a server. Read it, then develop your own strategy over and above.
    Catapult Wave-Splitting Guide (micro-reining): Nearly everyone will have to do this at some point, read this guide.
    Guide to Using Catapults: Simply how to compose proper attacks.
    Tacitusís Guide to Sending Many Waves Quickly: Details the Firefox work offline method. This is the best way to send many catapult waves quickly.
    Erik's Efficient Sim Guide to Villa 2: No-raid to village two. Read this to get an understanding of starter culture and resource production.
    Ghost Hammer Guide: Roughly right, hopefully an improved version is coming.
    Leadership Politics and Propaganda 101: Required reading. Great breakdown of how politics work in-game.
    Behind Closed Doors: Travian and Espionage: Spies! Read the guide, be careful with your information.
    Guide for Efficient Conquering
    Scout Guide and FAQ: How to use scouts properly, both offensively and defensively
    Lone Ranger's Comprehensive Defense Guide: Treatise on how and what to defend

    Information on Artifacts: Official release about artifacts. Written for 3.5, but still in effect
    Artifacts: Everything you need to know: Updated with T4 graphics, but please note that Pheidippides' Sandals have been adjusted to 2x speed on T4 servers
    Artifact Spawning Locations Guide: Amazing piece of work providing information about probable artifact spawn locations

    The Beginners Guide to the End Game: Useful starter information about Natars and the WW race.
    The Complete Guide to the Endgame: Somewhat outdated but still some useful information to the T4 player; better for the T3.6 player
    How to Build a World Wonder: Very to the point, this guide provides information about how to manage the WW village and wonder build.

    Combat System Formulas: Kirilloid's amazing, ultra-thorough overview of the combat system. Read it so you know how things are working.
    Travian Calculations and Formulae: Formulae, unit analyses, and lots of math.
    How attackers can die when there are no defenders: Title says it all. Same information is in the Combat System: Formulas thread, but this one is focused more tightly. Please note: it was written for a pre-T4 version; walls do provide a defensive value in addition to a defensive bonus in T4.

    Forum Rules
    Jacana's Guide to Intelligent Posting: Vital guidelines for posting properly.
    Guide to Creating an Alliance Overview: Great guide for anyone looking to make their own server Alliance analysis.
    Someoneelse2's Guide to Reputation: Good guide to the highly rewarding and contentious reputation system.

    Natar AI information: Why those crazy Natars do what they do
    T4 Clarifications and Issues: Right now, includes info about Artworks and when Tier II and III items drop
    T4 Changelog
    T3.6 Changelog: Official release
    Avi's Guide to T3.6 Features: Full description of all the T3.6 features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dmswartz View Post
    Tribe-Specific Guides
    Nailzz's Guide of All Guides: Teuton: Written for 3.6 but easily adaptable to T4.
    Actually that was just T3, since T3.5 came out ~late 2008/early 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smokin Ace View Post
    Actually that was just T3, since T3.5 came out ~late 2008/early 2009
    *nod* I knew from the dates it was probably older than that, but I was mostly worried about making a note as to which current version (3.6 or T4) the guide was more appropriate for. Changed to T3.x.

    The other Teuton guides seemed to written for even older versions, so I didn't include them in this version of the Table of Contents, so if anyone has seen a good Teut guide for either 3.6 or T4, I'd like to see it.
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    We should either link to or get permission to copy it over to .us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tineren View Post
    We should either link to or get permission to copy it over to .us.
    Ooooooo - I had forgotten about that one. Added.
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