The vast armies of the humans strove to conquer the invading Natars and the fatality count climbed ever higher. The Natars entombed themselves within their vast walls and for the first time in recorded history began construction of their very own Wonder of the World. Dismayed, the best of the generals available to our heroic fighters swore to ally together and drive off these monsters as one. Ultimately, however, they failed. Bickering between rival groups grew heated, and one set of doughty warriors chose to serve the Natar Overlords instead of siding with their fellow fighters. This led to outrage among those who remained opposed to the Natars, but once their brethren and sisters had switched allegiance, they sadly had no chance to follow through with the violent end they envisioned for the traitors. The Natars took this rare opportunity and emerged triumphant from the haze of confusion, earning their rightful place as victorious rulers of the world known as S1.

Result: Natar victory