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    Hello everyone,

    Robin and I have been added to this section to help out myrcat. I've realized recently this particular section has gotten out of hand, with forum rules constantly being violated. This needs to end.
    This post is to serve as a reminder of the rules and a warning.

    The forum rules can be located here

    Inappropriate Language and Content:
    • Absolutely no more racial slurs will be tolerated (Or any semantic of the like, such as sexuality, or religion) . This includes words that aren't in our current word filter.

    5.2 Inappropriate Language and Content
    Words that are purposefully used in an inappropriate context are also punishable.
    The insults and arguments need to be toned down. A joke tossed here and there, especially among friends is ok, but blatant bashing on someone's character will not be tolerated and infractions will be passed out. Further more, infractions will be increased for anything myself or another mod has already posted a warning about.2.2n

    • Ex: Forumposter101 says Randomguy345 is a "Freako". Bella makes a post warning everyone not to refer to Randomguy345 as a "Freako". JaketheSnake calls Randomguy345 a "Freako"

    Nicknames: Addressing other forum-goers in an insulting or inappropriate fashion is unacceptable.

    • Appropriate:

    - Roin
    - Doogy

    • Not appropriate:

    - Pedophile
    - Kuntz

    The nicknames on this list are not the only ones that are unacceptable. Please use caution and common sense. Nicknames used as insults or with a negative connotation are not polite. 2.2

    Pictures of other members:

    • Once a member posts a picture of themselves on the forums, it is known that those privacy rights have been signed away – this does not mean inappropriate edits will be accepted. There is a difference between reposting a picture that was posted on the threads, and cropping that picture on, say, the body of a well-known dictator.
    • Please remember that any image the individual did not post directly on the threads themselves should not be posted without consent (this is not limited to photographs, and includes any sort of personal information) 2.5

    Reposting deleted material:

    • Restarting a thread when a moderator has closed the original topic is worth an immediate infraction, likewise, reposting a post or picture when a moderator has deleted it is worth an immediate infraction as well. 3.4

    Multiple threads: There is no need for multiple threads on the same subject.
    • Acceptable:

    Updated news stories
    Hot topics that have been spoken of in the past
    Et cetera

    • Not acceptable:

    “Obama won the election”
    “Romney lost…my man Obama in the office”

    Again, practice common sense. If the thread adds nothing new to the topic, please refrain from creating it.

    Note: It is also unacceptable to post the same thread in multiple sections.

    Topics and Sub-forums
    3.1Each "subforum" (such as Questions, Politics and Diplomacy, and General Chat) has a particular purpose that is stated in the subforum
    description. All threads must be within this general purpose; threads that do not fall within the description may be moved or deleted at the
    moderator's discretion.
    • It is understandable that discussions may grow, evolve or otherwise change, but a blatant shift of topics in a thread is a violation of standing rules. If a topic inspires new ideas on a separate subject, feel free to open a new thread, provided a thread for it doesn't already exist and you aren't creating any unnecessary spam.

    None of the items mentioned above are "new" rules, and can be found under the forum rules. This is just to reiterate what the rules are, what is expected from the forum and its members.

    If you happen to think to yourself, "Hmmm, should I post this" - don't 'YOLO' it, and just keep it to yourself. Or just spam Robins inbox or skype.

    Travian Staff,

    Robin and Vash
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    I'm going to go ahead and bump this just so we're all clear what the expectations for this section are. When posting be sure to keep rule 2.2 in mind:
    2.2: Forum Etiquette

    The forum is used by the players for public interchange and helping each other and all users should feel welcome here. Therefore polite and respectful behavior is required (netiquette). Flames and insults are not tolerated and will be punished with infractions.
    Also excessive usage of colors, capitalization and spaces between words are not tolerated.

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