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  1. Well we killed off the opposition to quick I guess. Server got so one sided we left due to boredom.

    And yeah, I am taking SAT this year. Maybe we could meet up if I get into some college.
    Hit me up on skype sometime when you are around or Facebook me.
  2. Killa! Yeah, of course I remember. I bet you guys are killing it. What server is it? And yeah, T5 is weird. I'm literally just simming and building prates...rather boring, actually.

    What's going on with you as far as school goes? Last I remember you were looking at taking the SAT's.
  3. I am good. I am playing a server with Killa, if you remember him.
    I tried T5, left after a couple of days.
  4. Doing well, and yourself? I'm not really playing anymore, just kind of messing around on the beta for T5.
  5. Hey! How are you?
  6. Long time no see
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