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  1. Freakin' google chrome. I had just come back here after so long, all this nostalgia hit me, it was weird. I miss talking to everyone. Kind of a weird feeling for everyone to have grown up. Oh well stay in touch yea?
  2. Haha yeah sorry man, I go through so many phases of stupidity, I don't know how I survive. Actually, it was an extension to Google Chrome that linked an advertisement to a word in your statement.
  3. Advertisements? In my words?
    Especially since the trolls are getting lazier and lazier, misspelling a word unintentionally, getting called out on it and then claiming you were trolling while attaching a "u mad?" is not trolling, its a sad display of laziness.
  4. One of the messages you sent to me had a link attached to one of your words... You're being used for advertising without permission! Lawsuit? Anyway, to me, trolls are just lower beings with nothing better to do on the internet than waste their times ******* with others, so I say let them have their little moment of fun and waste their life while I'm out doing bigger and better things.
  5. Nah, raging means that they won. If you're doing your job as troll bait I figure that's victory enough. Every flame war you start only increases your power level!
  6. Meh, I'm just classified as troll-bait now. Any intelligent post I make is generally ridiculed by the forum's arrogant slobs in hopes to provoke me. It usually works, but I don't really mind. I don't rage, just take it as a victory. Well, that sounds a bit off, but I'm weird.
  7. I thought you pretty much won that, especially since the opposing side was just one person, from what I could see anyway. You seem pretty well accepted now.
  8. Two page flame war that came out of me telling a kid what's up. Ah, people and their defensive inability to admit they're wrong...
  9. Ehh not so much now, but yeah I even hate who I once was. The thing is, I left and came back. People would still expect me to be the same way I was I left, so I generally get messages like, "I thought you were banned." Things like that. It's no big deal, though.
  10. Hate mail still? What exactly have you done, from everything I remember you weren't that bad.
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