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  1. I'm meeting with a USC business major tonight at a steak house - for a vegen venture, the irony. I'll see if I can leverage any options.

    She has a masters in business from USC and in a six figure debt, if there is anyone I trust on debt, it's my favorite dyke.
  2. Pretty sure you can acquire a business's assets without its debts.

    Told you the whole premise of "tea and parfait" sounded sketch.
  3. meh, so the gig fell through... no cafe. I found out that the business is full of debt and... I don't think it's a good idea to inherit another person's mess. They perhaps wanted to avoid bankruptcy and sought to sell below market value. I hope they go bankrupt instead of attempting to pass on their debt to someone else.
  4. I usually hang paintings on a wall, facing east tends to work as it captures morning light.
  5. If I was carrying the portrait, how would I also be hanging it?
  6. Yeah, does it give you, as some say much full fillment?
  7. Oh yeah, cause the painting could get damaged by the weather and stuff.
  8. I think it's better that way, my friend said unwrapped big packages usually hurt in the end.
  9. Do I wrap it as a package first?
  10. Same way you'd dangle a painting of course.
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