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  1. if I'm not on skype PM me nab
  2. yours? i'm sorry, i didn't realise you owned the .us forums. i will stay at .au where i belong :P
  3. wow you nab aussie gtfo my forums...
  5. name changed to steamroller ok?
  6. don't worry about it. the account is basicly for fun since i can't dedicate enough time to a proper account.
  7. i can help if you want just cause we have dif hours...
    only would be able to here and there though.

    i'd invite u to both but com7 im a dual and nl4 the other guys wanted to leave the last time i got us another deal.
  8. lol i'm trying to sim my way through on s5. it's seriously not working though, mainly because i'm going solo and i joined too late
  9. been alright...
    number one on nl4
    number 1 raider and attacker on com7
  10. long time, no see. how has travian been lately?
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