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  1. Aw lol, that stinks! Our internet has been working fine for a whole day almost so it might surprisingly be fixed. Anyways, seeya and thanks you too!
  2. Yeah its not to bad! Didn't have internet connection the last few days so I was terrified lol. Well anyways! Ill catch you on Skype, gotta run for a bit! Have fun
  3. Thank you! And yeah, going pretty well. You having a great day?
  4. Happy Easter to you aswell ) Hope your having a great day
  5. Happy Easter Spencer!
  6. Hiiiiiyaaa Missy!
  7. Hai Spencyyyyy
  8. Definitely.
  9. Good! Good to love things
  10. xD Yeah, we sure do! I love it too!
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