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  1. nights
  2. No problem. Nighty night!
  3. Will do ill send it over mid day tomorrow. Thanks =]
  4. Ok, I am up @ 5:30 am. I am on and off Travian until @ 5pm. PM me here on the forums.
  5. hmmm yes thats fine i would like to post it before 6pm eastern time however if that works with you?
  6. My ign isn't on your visitor page. But, ok. Can we do it tomorrow, though? We're getting ready for bed. Work and kids and stuff.
  7. well considering it is now posted on my vistor message thing if someone really cared they would know and you can take all the time you need i still need to crop everything which usually take about an hours +
  8. Ok, you'll have to give me some time to come up with clever responses. I keep my ign even though most people on here know who I am.
  9. it dosnt have to be very important general stuff is cool and then you can just be funny and stupid like that AOG guy i need some humor in this edition.
  10. Really? They were mean? Tim will give you an interview when he gets home. He's pretty witty sometimes. I could give you an interview, but obviously I won't talk about anything important.
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