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  1. Happy birfday. I'll use the bathroom today.
  2. I know, I gave you the best advice in that thread lol
  3. I even made a thread in the General section asking about it.
  4. There, I done did it!
  5. Liez!
  6. I tried to remove it as soon as I saw your message, but in your drunken state you put a lock on it.
  7. You were asked nicely, and I just woke up from a long night of drinking!
  8. You delete that comment this instant or I will find new places to pee.
  9. [strikethrough]Does anyone else actually know what a sweetie pie you are?[/strikethrough]

    I had to edit this message because of the dire threats received from that mean poopie head Blazin.
  10. Just missed ya, wanted to say hello buddy.
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