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  1. I do remember Schnauzerlord although I can't recall from where. I also don't have a contact.
  2. Well, now that ts19 is over I'm enjoying the freedom of waking up and not feeling required to check Travian. I'm sure the urge to start up again will take hold in a couple months like it always does .
    You should look up Schnauzerlord though, he expressed interest in playing a regular server (found the Europe format boring).
  3. Hey Chuck!
    Would you perhaps be interested in the s4 restart? I'll make reference to Kerzi's thread in the embassy.
  4. That's fair enough and completely understandable. I tend to only stick to the single server myself.
  5. Nah, I still prefer one server at a time. And these days I prefer the little twists in the special rules servers.
  6. Any interest in playing the Finals?
  7. Yep, I'm on the RoA server currently.
  8. Hey Tin. Do you still happen to play per chance?
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