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  1. All I read there was "wah wah wah". Get owned son. One day you will be on our level, maybe.
  2. l0l it has been an honor to be labeled as such. As all others fled, I fought until there was no battle to be stirred. I didn't want to make it that easy for you to win. Even though you may claim it was "easy" (like your mother), the satisfaction that I made you struggle a bit pleases me greatly. I'm pretty sure I humbly congratulated H&K on the natar win weeks ago once PMS dissolved. Not sure how that's complaining about H&K's win. Poor poor Kelsier is forgetting everything. I understand. It comes with old age. =)
  3. LOL, do you not know there is no such thing as anonymous derps? Not worth your time, yet you did AND you are here replying to me about it. The fact that you are floundering around denying it only shows what a spineless scrub you always have been. You say I "drown in my own fail" yet you will be known as one of the largest failures in s1, maybe even the .us domains, history. You are the saddest little butt hurt baby I have seen in a long time, and I am sure you will carry around the butt hurt torch for years to come, crying about how H&K complete and utterly owned your cry baby ***. Good luck with that, butt hurt baby.
  4. I didn't derep you, noob. Not worth my time. You drown in your own fail why do you need my help?
  5. Butt hurt baby derps me is what I was talking about. Why are you still so butt hurt about it?
  6. What are you talking about? I gave you guys the good game, but you never credited it. Then I dropped from US1. I haven't been on it for awhile, actually. I was PMed that natars will win for sure...are you upset I'm not making a huge letter of congrats to H&K? I gave my humble congratulations to H&K awhile ago. Maybe you should stop crying for all the compliments.
  7. Butt hurt baby is more butt hurt then ever? Not surprised.
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