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  1. Yeah it does haha well it was like what, 3 4 years ago? I just finished playing s4 with my dad wasn't much for competition we chiefed the enemies WW village... Twice lol finished top 30 pop top 10 attackers. Not sure if I'm gonna play again but i might pop in around the forums from time to time
  2. Busy with school, and occasionally brainlessly clicking madly on my web browser village. Although not as often as I used too, getting old

    How about you? S6 seems so long ago
  3. Thanks for the rep brotha! how ya been?
  4. From time to time
  5. Are you still around?
  6. Sign up for dethy if you wanna play, hurry!
  7. Well good luck! Let me know if he's on s5 because that's what I'm playing right now.
  8. I'm gonna talk with my old dual partner see if he can use me someplace. Not sure what servers he's on right now
  9. So your playing again to? That's sweet! A few big names have come back lately. Are you just gonna play the next server? Or are you already on one?
  10. Dixy!! Wasup bud? Mods finally find your name offensive? I lol'd at your name for months haha. Gonna get my feet wet soon in some digital toon blood as troops go splat! I got the itch
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