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  1. SK! What's up friend? How are you?
  2. Hey! You were cool. (:
  3. Hahah, I honestly don't know about my life. I have to get my **** together. Which is why I'm back here honestly.
  4. Haha, fer sure. Ya, it's been forever man! Is this gonna be more than a few days stay, or just checking in?

    How's life treating you? Decently perhaps?
  5. Nothing much, just had a bit of nostalgia looking back and reading some of the survivor threads and the mafia PMs. Miss some of you guys, especially at BotB.
  6. Dood! How're you? It's been ages? What're you up to?
  7. Hey it looks like you still go on! Damn, been a while.
  8. Doog!
  9. Nope! Loser
  10. Gawd. You're back? I thought we got rid of you, .
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