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  1. l2Get Smart, the original series, not the stupid new series, which I haven't seen, or the stupid movie, which I haven't seen, anything I haven't seen sucks, stupid latest episode of the Big Bang theory... Stupid DS9...
  2. "Wound you believe...".

    I don't get it....?
  3. BTW, the proper response is: "Wound you believe...".
  4. Wait what?
  5. happy VM spam from me!
  6. where is krash & cobo can you tell them to contact me via VM on my profile wall?
  7. I find that hard to believe Mr. Smart...
  8. da federationszs haz suksessfulwe dwefwheated da borg kaptains.
  9. Did we win?
  10. velcomez baque soop!
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