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  1. Respect is earned and not given. I showed you no disrespect. I certianly can if that would make you feel better. I simply pointed out that you and many of your alliance mates support different WW's. I didnt condemn you or your alliance. I simply asked you guys to man up. Sorry if that offended you.
  2. Server History

    VLR, BREW, or Classy
    I'll never tell
    Foreign Servers
    I'll never tell

    that was from your server history not a statement of my actions ..what would your ign be
  3. You Do not know me, and you have no Idea what you are talking about. this server was a Joke for me , I made towns to give away , and picked small alliances just to do it for giggles, I have had friends in several of the top alliance groups. I do not jump ship like a bunch of low- lifes that you meet on travian and I respect player that are good. a good travian player has at least a 100k hammer, and enough defense to protect himself and his alliance mates. so if you can't talk to me with respect your words mean nothing
  4. Your silence is all the proof i need, lol.
  5. I'll never tell
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