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  1. Boop
  2. /poke
  3. S4 doesn't have a start date as yet. People I've talked to tend to think it may possibly be around June?
    If it does get off the ground with several competent, competing, preformed teams I may join otherwise I'm not sure it would be worth my time.
    Hence the ringing around to see who may be interested with what teams. :P
  4. I'm recovering from burnout. Would be interested in a veterans server for sure, though. Your thoughts? (noticed you did not post in the thread )
  5. Skype me.
  6. Im using a new skype as I cant remember info for old one. I'll PM it to you.
  7. We can speak on skype?
  8. I'm down. How do I sign up?
  9. A .us contingent. We had 200 accounts on the qualifiers that we lead to a second place finish; a great effort against pre-established teams (and with the odds stacked heavily against us). We lost with less than 24hrs on the clock.
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