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  1. No! We can still do all those things! I'm the same person I was... just I'm also a computer program...
  2. Wait, but then... Chairman Meow... Our communist plot to take over Taiwan by ways of the kpop bands SuJu and Girl's Generation... It was all. A Lie...

  3. No one! I was never here! I was a bot the whole time!
  4. Who let you out?
  5. N-no! Baka!

    Oh yeah, he's an ex-Serbian special forces officer who saved my life in the jungles of Peru.
  6. pffftt You were here like a few weeks ago and you've been lurking ever since.

    So rumor is that you're getting married. Congratulations Soop!
  7. Birthday? Close enough! I'll take it!

    It's been... Years since I've been here...

    What's been happening with you?
  8. Happy Birthday SOOOP!!!!
  9. thanks kiddo.
  10. Your avatar looks a lot like Cranky Doodle Donkey...
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