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  1. masterblaster
    General player contributive ideas to:
    New Locations
    New Weapons
    New Units
    I'll probably just pick a few I like then let the rest rot.
  2. Scarecrow
    Ruins spaced across tracks of land? That way between cities it's possible to scavenge for leftover food, water, weapons or ammunition. Better for the travelers with us.
  3. General Noobington
    General Noobington
    As far as units, is there anything with assault rifles, like maybe a merc band?
  4. masterblaster
    I could roll up a few more ruins among the wastes, maybe a few camps. And the Merc band is not out of the question. If I put them down, they'll share the stats of Lemons Mercs.
  5. General Noobington
    General Noobington
    cool I feel as though they may be expensive, lol.
  6. Scarecrow
    Well Lemon's are if you think about it. Although they are quite agreeable.
    And so far these sound really good.
  7. masterblaster
    Was alkso thinking about including mutant units.
  8. Scarecrow
    Why not have mutant raiders or mercenary camps? The mercenary ones might not have completely lost their minds when they became mutants whilst it gives a good reason to have mutants mindlessly ransacking villages.
  9. DoomKnight
    How about a giant epic castle for me?
  10. masterblaster
    ....How about Fort Biggs? Or is that going to be Delinks pretty soon?
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