Empire 2 Gm talk

  1. Scarecrow
    If there is something which affects all players that can't be fit into the game at the current point or if anyone has questions, queries or issues with how I'm Gm'ing, or think anything is unfair this is the thread to post in.

    Thank you.
  2. masterblaster
    I think we need a new world map. I can make one on my lap-top, if no-one objects?

    Also, Why are we still at war if there is so much territory for free now!!!! We could be using our massive amounts of troops to beat away nature and a couple barbarian hordes, and sail the seas with our war-fleets! seriously, think about:
    The first Age of Exploration
  3. Scarecrow
    If the players head that way I'll go for it. I'm reacting to current events.

    As for the world map I was planning on redoing it with the known cities of empires still thriving and the ruins of empires that have fallen.
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