Welcome new idiots!

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  1. Daft Punk
    Daft Punk
    To all idiots, you must be able to run very fast, and be unstable while you run.

    You must:

    *Spam (Try to keep it legit) For example, spam, then add an important point relevant to the discussion. This allows you to spam anywhere you want!


    *Hold Scissors


    For all new recruits, here is your scissors:

  2. Gibson
    Yes. First member, except Daft of course.
  3. Valynor
    Can haz scissors?
  4. restricted
    I don't need scissors to poke people's eyes out while I'm running
  5. Daft Punk
    Daft Punk
    Scissors are mandatory! RAWR!

    @Valynor: Just reach your hand into your monitor at the picture to grab the official Idiots With Scissors scissors.
  6. Jacana
    Those are some nice scissors...
  7. Valynor
    OMG! These scissors are amazing!
  8. restricted
    Fine then. I will get my uber big, uber unnecessary pair that seem to have no purpose but cutting uber paper.
  9. Gibson
    I have two knives taped together. Does that count as scissors?
  10. Someoneelse2
    What about exacto-knives?
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