Server 5 pWns other US servers!

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  1. Minimus
    I defy the other servers! Mostly because there isn't a way for members of other servers to attack my s5 villages, but that's beside the point! The point is.... s5 FTW!
  2. BurnsBright
    I defy this group thing. It won't let me use BBcode.
  3. Cesara
    Why do I feel like we all just snuck off to a closet to have sekrit meetings?
  4. Greenman
    Meh, as soon as I decide to take a break from Travian I get dragged into another thing
  5. Lord Penguin
    Lord Penguin
    So this is where we go to figure out how we're gonna turn all the alliances against each other and ensure that a WW is never built on this server
  6. BurnsBright
    Nao. This is where we plan to destroy the natars WHILE not building a WW.

    We must eradicate all NATARS!
  7. Cesara
    Natar are eveeeeel!

    On another note, you guys need to post more. This sekrit closet meeting is getting smelly and sweaty without the fun stuff to keep it giggly!
  8. Ride_the_wave_renton
    Well... How about we Iradiate natars?

    Hey, anyone here got catapults?
  9. Killers
    Not me.
  10. scionjb
    Hello guys I like sever 2 and sever 5!!! They kick yay.
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