Welcome to Perkele!

  1. susihukka
    Welcome fellow travian players. I want to introduce a new power word for you. You could call it a curse word, but it is a traditional finnish word.

    If you are doing some hard and frustating job, shouting/hissing "perkele", makes wonders.

    Perkele means the devil. In context for you, it means "God damnit" or "Bloody hell."

    I hope that in time and practise you will master this beatifull word.
  2. Ms. Evil
    Ms. Evil
    I shall use the word with passion!
  3. Zingoleb
  4. susihukka
    Damn, thats a hard one, since Im pretty sure you couldnt pronounce it correctly even if you tried

    Practise with typing it first and I try to look up some pronunciation for you guys in the mean time.
  5. Grey Seer
    Grey Seer
    IŽd use some more familiar words like:

    PE as in petty
    R as in gore or war or any word for that matter (except with stronger r as the scots do it)
    KE as in Kevin
    LE as in lentils
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