The Proper Number of Sides on a Shuriken

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  1. Jumper4677
    Well? How many do you think?

    I think five. Apparently I can't make a poll. Good to know.
  2. supercomputers
    really? I think 4
  3. mastermind00
    it's 4, watch Naruto & see.
  4. darksoul
    Ugh... Naruto? Kill me.
  5. Saradamon
    it ranges from 3 to 8 points
  6. mastermind00
    8? Seriously, dang, that's deadly.
  7. Jacana
    I usually use a double shuriken, with 12.

    It's like two 6-bladed shurikens taped together...
  8. Jumper4677
    Yes...even us ninjas use duct tape.
  9. Saradamon
    lol, so do space pirates, apparently
    and there can be double, tripple, etc of any kind, but the more there are, the harder it is to throw
  10. Pheonix Fires
    Pheonix Fires
    the most common ones are 3 if i'm not mistaken, although in naruto they do kinda skip over some ninja facts, anyways i've never seen a 12 point start...
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