Previous World Takeover Failures

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  1. santaclause1324
    I believe this will help us in our quest to take over the world. The first and most obvious is Germany's very own ******. The second is Rome (many generations and most successful) The third is France with Napolion. I can not think of any more... Discussion
  2. warlockz
    I dream of being a world dictator one day.
  3. Someoneelse2
    They all bite of too much at one time. The key for us is 1) DONT INVADE FREAKING RUSSIA and 2) Take it one country at a time.
  4. jimjim
    We should save the large places, namely Russia and Australia, for last.
  5. Rafaelz
    JimJim, If you want to take over the world, the LAST thing you want to do is wait until you have lost most of your military to try and take down
  6. Jumper4677
    Don't invade Russia at all really. Just blockade them. They don't have a great military, but it's hard to fight in the cold. That's also why we can't take over the penguins, but I'll make a peace treaty with them.
  7. jimjim
    No, see, what we do is surround Russia, build up our forces, and win. Russia becomes a World Power again, and we rule the world. It's a win-win scenario.
  8. LAC1961
    No, first we bribe Russia to become our ally... making them help us in our time of destroying Germany and other countries in Europe... Then Once we have "taken" their people, in the summer of 2012, after our invasion of Canada, We break our alliance with them and with our troops already based in Russia We'll take Moscow... After that, one of three following will happen...

    ~1. They leave there borders open and go back to defend there capital leaving the outer Russia weakened
    ~2. Since we were once allied They'll be in our occupied space in small numbers not able to defend themselves so there troops will eventually die
    ~3. They will bow down and surrender to our awesomeness

    So any way they will be gone no matter what.... mwahahahahah!!
  9. jimjim
    Or they will gang up and revolt if they think we have too much power. I'm being paranoid for a reason.
  10. Rafaelz
    Russia doesnt take bribes from anyone!lol...They have enough money already, and more nukes than anyone on earth...
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