1. LAC1961
    In here we will claim the countries we wish... so far the following "countries" have been taken...

    Australia- Nightmoon

    Afghanastan- Valynor
    Columbia- Valynor
    Mexico- Valynor
    Italy- (co leader) Valynor

    Lesotho- supercomputers
    Geneva- supercomputers

    Alaska- Jumper
    Eastern half of Antarctica- Jumper

    North Ireland- Someoneelse2
    Gibraltar- Someoneelse2
    Elephant Island- Someoneelse2

    Arctic Circle- Santa
    Western part of Antarctica- Santa
    European part of Russia- Santa

    Portugal- Rafaelz
    Argentina- Rafaelz
    Uraguay- Rafaelz

    Canada- jimjim's freind
    Japan- jimjim

    Ireland- LAC1961
    Denmark- LAC1961
    Italy- LAC1961 (co- Valynor)
    Vatican City- LAC1961
    Galapagos Islands- LAC1961

    Spain- LIC3

    Iraq- warlockz
    Iran- warlockz
    Saudi Arabia- warlocks

    PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE OR (unless jimjim or someonelse) YOUR LAND IS UP FOR GRABS

    Please note I will be updating this thread from time to time
  2. Rafaelz
    Change me..Lockz called it first, so Ill change..

    Ill just take,
    Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay

    Edit :

    Chile shall be mine! (its just a little bit more!)
  3. Someoneelse2
    Not too much land, please. You only get three places (like me) if they're tiny.
  4. LAC1961
    I will give you Argentina, Port., and Ura. but no Chile.... And don't post here...
  5. Jumper4677
    I know not to post here, but you won't give me Alaska... I'll delete my post after that.

    EDIT: I just realized that only someoneelse2 or a mod can delete my post. >.<
  6. jimjim
    I wanted Japan, Canada goes to my friend. So just put 'jimjim's RL friend' or something for Canada, and my name for Japan.
  7. LAC1961
    Please delete this thread...
  8. bou67
    Can I have France?
  9. bou67
    france and germany please
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