And now I take my leave

  1. supercomputers
    Thar be to many groups I be in, this one is died, I be leavin' Yarr
  2. LAC1961
    I'm sorry to say I feel the need to leave... keep my anthem alive
  3. QueenDiva
    If people don't start posting here soon, I am going to leave as well. What good is it to be in a social group if no one is talking?
  4. Daft Punk
    Daft Punk
    Well, all social groups pretty much died. I need to send a memo to everybody, threatening conquering their country in Civ 4.
  5. Boba Fett
    Boba Fett
    hmmm....the forums attract more posting to idiots with scissors than the idiots-with-scissors threads....aha!
    a sign of idiocy
  6. QueenDiva
    The idiots need to start speaking up... or am I an idiot for sticking around... Must meditate on that one Ooooom Ommmmm
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