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  1. QueenDiva
    I just joined, and I want to say "HI!" to everyone. As for Killers topic, I think that talking on the phone while driving is dangerous. It is hard to stay focused on a discussion on the phone, and on traffic at the same time. Especally if it is a hand held phone. That is why they invented Blue Tooth, and head sets. I think that they should ban hand held phones while driving. With a headset, you should have both hands on the wheel at the same time, so you can react better.
  2. cmness
    Nobody posts here!
  3. QueenDiva
    Hey I post here...
  4. fgw
    I totally forgot I was here... XD
  5. something name
    something name
    One time my brother was talking on two cell phones and driving with his knees.
  6. Killers
    Oh my.
  7. Ena
    I post in the dump for fun, and for quick responses. Not to get post count. Glad to be a junky xD
  8. Killers
  9. Hira-bok
    Dump games are fun!
    If you can multitask, then go ahead.
    If you cant...oh well...
  10. cmness
    whatevs i own u.
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