How we do battles...

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  1. supercomputers
    Cause a battle's abut to happen in Vatican I'm thinking we do it like Tacticus, if n00d consents, both sides on a map, they both declare their units and then battle...

    any other suggestions?
  2. Mace245
    hmm, I think we could just kinda RP it, and someone could decide who has the advantage. I wanna be judge!
  3. Mace245
    If Ursh doesn't get there in time, Sparta is gonna win. If Inislama could somehow delay the Spartan navy a bit longer, it would really change things. OR, the spartans might find an overland route. They would have to hug the mountains, or cross Villago and Utumno.
  4. General Noobington
    General Noobington
    If I may, I would suggest a combat system that I tried to use in a different RPG, Here, I'll post it.

    Battles will be resolved in this fashion.

    Player A will attack player B with troop amount X. they will pm me their strategy and i will resolve round one. I will post the progress, then each player will give orders to whatever they want. I will then post results untill one army routs or dies.

    Note i will use logical strategy to determine winners, if you charge pike men head on with cavalry, the cavalry WILL die, or a war hammer WILL help troops pierce plate, etc.

    So, Your skill in tactics will determine who wins in the end.
  5. supercomputers
    Wasn't Utumno going to blockade Vaticans harbor thing to stop the Spartains?
  6. General Noobington
    General Noobington
    I dono, But do you think that that is the way battles will be resolved?
  7. supercomputers
    @N00b, while I have full trust in you as a impartial judge others may not considering you're participating in this battle .
  8. Mace245
    I love the system but that could be a problem. We could have all the players decide, that way you could have a more balanced system. Or, you could decide, and provide your reasoning, so that both sides see your argument.
  9. DoomKnight
    I could just land them on a beach not at a port
  10. supercomputers
    Hmmm, I'd rather RP it though, just cause...
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