The best thing about twilight

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  1. Doka Doka
    Doka Doka
    I have friends that say the best thing in twilight was when one guys took his shirt off for 2 minutes. I mean seriously some people have NO life.
  2. ShadowAce
    I competely agree with this.
  3. Ride_the_wave_renton
    Same. What kind of a Vampire sparkles when he's in the sun?
  4. Sapient
    I agree, the shirtless part was the best. They were hawt. The rest of the movie suxors though.
  5. supercomputers
    The best part of star wars was when there was that one chick in that one bikini thing chained to that one fat guy!!

    And I like Jarjar, I mean srsly, why y'all be hatin'?
  6. Old Sparta
    Old Sparta

    the best part of the movie is the end. then the torture is over.
    vampires are not supposed to be twilight-y, they are supposed to be bad*** *****-******s...
  7. Nightmoon
  8. ppoo00ll1
    LIB (laugh in bathroom)

    The best part of twilight are all the parts where vampires or werewolves die (though I've never read the books or seen the movies).
  9. Nightmoon
    Heh, I never read the books or seen the movie either.
  10. darkness beneath
    darkness beneath
    They only watched it for him without his shirt? Havent they ever heard of Po- Never mind
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