The store house

  1. Doka Doka
    Doka Doka
    ok we have some experienced and not so experienced gang members but the important thing to remember is that we've all got guns so bring them and any other weapons you can find in and we'll build the most massive arsenal the world has ever seen!!!
  2. Principal Brian Lewis
    Principal Brian Lewis
    I have plastic wii golf clubs, are those good weapons
  3. DeLink
    I will bring just about everything from my kitchen I can. Besides the obvious knives and forks, frying pans, stuff to boil water wtih, etc.

    Also I'll bring a baseball bat and my dog.
  4. supercomputers
    I'll bring my pump BB gun from the forties!!
  5. Old Sparta
    Old Sparta
    I'll bring my two guns

  6. supercomputers
    I'll bring my buzz lightyear nerf gun!!
  7. Nightmoon
    OOh I like the latter picture O_S.
  8. masterblaster
    I'll bring the only weapon I need....a rolled up piece of newspaper. circa. 1956
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