The headquarters

  1. Doka Doka
    Doka Doka
    ok here is where the highest-ranking members of the ATA (Anti Twilight Alliance) will plan, ensemble, order all operations ageist the Twilighters
    doka dokairector
    gotmilkeputy Director
    delink:Military Officer

    Edit: lol at the above smiles
  2. Principal Brian Lewis
    Principal Brian Lewis
    Can I be deputy-deputy director
  3. DeLink
    I want to be Military Officer.
    I've already set a plan to troll the Twlight forum.
  4. supercomputers
    I want to be Deputy Secretary of the Center for Espionage Processing.
  5. Nightmoon
    I want to be something.
  6. General Noobington
    General Noobington
    I would like to be The Director of Steaking
  7. masterblaster
    I want to be a WOMAN!
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