US2 Account Availble

  1. Lord Bane
    Lord Bane
    My US2 account, username Sinth, needs a new home. The former duals abandoned it. Cap fields are 15 and 16s, it has about 20 level 20 warehouses, solid anvil build with ability to generate 40k in Praets a week. 13 level 10 TCs, 1 level 19 TC and is one or two weeks away from end game. Current rank is 21 and should be able to jump to higher than that very quickly.

    Can go anvil, can hold a WW, artis, or plans. If you want it let me know.
  2. Lord Bane
    Lord Bane
    P.S. I am retired, again. Thank you for all the fun guys! You have no idea how much I've enjoyed our time together.
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