Introduce yourself

  1. FlyingPumpkin
    If your struggling with HBA (Huggle Bear Animosity), please introduce yourself and tell us of your struggle.
  2. El Che
    El Che
    Hey Fellow Hob Knoblets. Who else should we invite? Considering we're all on the same team, maybe we should invite Luisss!
  3. FlyingPumpkin
    Hello El Che, I am so glad you could make it. Yes, Luisss is more then welcome to come if he would like. The door is open so to speak.

    Tell us about yourself. How long have you been playing? When did your hatred for the Huggle Bears start?
  4. Sebaba
    El Che! You're such a cutie patootie! Did you come to huggle wiff me??
  5. El Che
    El Che
    No Wai! I saw what you did to Siln last round! He's not the same person since, walks kinda funny too
  6. BagMan
    In the name of all the rainbows ever made, I need help... please share the huggles. Just don't get toooo friendly Sebaba, I'm married and already have my one gay friend... it seems there are limits on those things today
  7. Sebaba
    Oh please, ya'all really think *I'm* the top? (giggles)
  8. Meherrin
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