The Proper Number of Sides on a Shuriken

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  1. Jumper4677
    I'll buy some for that price form you...
  2. Saradamon
    a real ninja can get them for free
  3. Jumper4677
    but it's another ninja...
  4. Saradamon
    there ARE stores that sell shurikens :P
  5. anexeus
    i say either 10 or 12 that way no matter what you always hit them if you aim for them. because if you have 4 or 5 theres always a chance a blunt side will hit them so with more you lower the % of failure.
  6. ibballin
    Anexeus, not exactly... if it hits in between, it cuts them twice.
    I prefer a 4 side one.
    I've made paper ones before. I threw it at my friend's face and it cut him. He threw his skateboard at me and missed (thank god).
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