A Brief Guide on the Enemies of the Ninja

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    Unfortunatley, certain warriors worldwide would like to demolish every Ninja, for one reason or another.
    Fortunatley, we can kick ***. Here is a brief guide on each enemey, why they are enemy, and how to engage them.

    Reason: Head bodyguard of the nobles, and we don't like the nobles. Go figure.
    How to Engage: The Samurai is used to honorable engagements, with bowing and all that stuff. Who cares. We have historical background of stealth attacks that sucsessfully take out samurai, so follow history.
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    Reason: Internet nerds.
    How to Engage: The Pirate is a sea-faring criminal, many times in bad health and do not have any form of professional fighting. As such, even their best swords are no use against Katanas. The main thing you have to watch out for is any firearm. If you move quickly enough, the Pirate, and Pirates are not known for being sharpshooters, will probably miss and grant you a free attack. Also, if you want to be dirty, as soon as the Pirate unholsters his gun, draw your own gun and shoot him. This is not only effective and full of irony, but it provides great stories to tell your clan after your attack.
    Incendiary weaponry is good against their ships.

    Reason: Propogandous television show, Deadliest Warrior.
    How to Engage: I need some help with this one. I assume Incendiary and stealth tactics are good.

    If I missed any, please leave a comment and I will try to add in any group of warrior foolish enough to fight us.
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