Story time!

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  1. Neros
    Because Sang hasn't posted in a few days, I give the brownies with the crystal meth in them to Jumper.
  2. Jumper4677
    Jumper is happy and shares them with the whole hospital staff.
  3. Jacana
    Jacana was stalking one of the men Shenaynay was with when his thumbs were stolen.

    The man entered a room alone, Jacana followed him in...

    In 5 minutes, the man was strapped to a chair with a hole in the bottom, and Jacana was swinging around a knotted rope and hitting the bottom of the chair and screaming, "Where's Shenayay!?"

    And the man replied...
  4. Shenaynay
    He replied, "I have no idea! You knocked me out, remember?! Now let me go or I'll file a complaint!"
  5. Jacana
    The man was found dead the next day with a bucket up his ***.
  6. supercomputers
    Supercomputers swings on a rope in a batman-esque fashion stealing a brownie and eating it.
  7. Jacana
    Jacana had gone on a paid vacation for 2 weeks, as had everyone else in the office...

    He was stalking the other guy, and had him tied to a chair.

    "Where's the kiwi!?"
  8. Jumper4677
    Jumper, seeing that Sang wasn't even interested enough in true love to say or do something, got up and left the hospital.
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