Postitions 2.o

  1. LAC1961
    SOE2- Main Commander (Ultar Czar if you will)

    Jimjim- 2nd in Command (Czar if you will)

    LAC1961- Strategic Overlord; Infiltrater of the US Government

    Jumper- Secretary (Head) of Defense (Security); Eastern Penguin Squad Force Commander

    Santa- Farm Minister; Representative of the Poles; Western Penguin Squad Force Commander

    Rafaelz- Armed General

    Daft- Mad Destructive Scientist

    LIC3- Rambo

    Warlockz- Spy

    Valynor- Super Criminal

    Computers- Mascot

    g1tarw1zard- Snack Guy

    Queen Diva- Secretary of Entertainment

    Nightmoon- Seemingly Freindly Diplomat

    Nardonik- Creepy blonde guy in the back of the store... Watching

    PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE OR (unless jimjim or someonelse) YOUR POSITION IS UP FOR GRABS...

    Please note I will be updating this thread from time to time...
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