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  1. jimjim
    But how?
  2. Jumper4677
  3. denny11
    i can be you guys spy and i can join somebody elses group and steal their plans
  4. santaclause1324
    Nope. no need for spys. they already have somebody who can go into their houses without question. Me santa.
  5. something name
    something name
    I have an idea.

    We steal a FF22 from a US Air Force base and make it look like China did it. Then we use the plane to bomb Russa's nuclear bombs. It will look like the US did and cause WW3 and during the confusion we slowly start taking countries. Eventally we'll take china making us look like heros and by the time they reliese what's going on it will be to late. MOWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. Whammy
    I just provided a World Wonder (see pix). We cannot take over without a WW to dominate with.
  7. Jumper4677
    That's a good idea, but it needs to be made of metal so it can survive tank fire.
  8. bustrbladr77
    we need to overrun Hungary and the Middle-East and control the oil supply. about a year after that no one else will have oil and we will still have tanks and artillery. then we rampage through the world leaving nothing but death, hunger, sorrow, and fear in our wake
  9. Jumper4677
    I'd rather leave 's!
  10. something name
    something name
    Bring s to the world one conquered contry at a time.
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