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    Magic Missles... how do they work?
  2. so I herd you liek magic missles
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    About the Youtube video... sir, you have hit a brand new level of geekdom. MAGIC MISSLE! Is that a new wonder defense?
  4. I saw you on youtube recently, Gibby showed me. I thought it was kinda cute... MAGIC MISSILE!
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    Hey SW
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    WTF is your problem? I mean really. Who the **** do you think you are?

    You turned my "good bye to willy" into some stupid autobiography of your pathetic geek RL situation. Willy is a winner. He kicks ***. He couldn't really give a damn about your band practice or weblow training. Feel a boob or something bro.
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    It's funny that you posted that today, because I'm leaving as well. My senior year of high school is coming up, and it's a bit more busy than I think I can handle... especially when Travian is added to the mix. I'm finishing up my Eagle Project for boy scouts, I'm the Drum Major for my high school's marching band, and I'm the prospective captain of my school's varsity swim team. On top of that there's that whole little "applying to colleges" thing that I have to work on.

    I like this game, and I especially love the people I've met while playing it... but for me Real Life has to take precedent this year. I hope to see you around eventually - I have a few friends who are getting hooked on WoW and are looking for a clan.
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    This IS NOT the end. However, if it really is....the end and what not....I just wanted to be the dude that rolled the credits.....

    P.T. Barnum slaughtered lambs. Nobody had a problem with it. In fact, they called his tigers entertaining. What the public never knew was that Barnum used to slaughter a lamb every day at the tiger's lunch break. That's why the tiger and the lamb would sit around like it was cool in the same cage. Because the tiger was full and just had some lamb. Then, one day, the tiger asked for mint sauce for his lamb steaks. That was the day everything changed.
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    why would you be visiting my page?
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    Well in that case... I'm sure you are! You're just not having as much fun as we are in the NE!

    Check out the #1 defenders for the week (alliances). Surprised much? Didn't think so.
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