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    Default RPG Forum List of Events

    The previous list of events thread has not been updated in a long time, so I am making a new one.

    Updated list of RPG Forum Events:

    There are not currently any ongoing competitions.


    Strongton: Myths of Laydon
    Character Thread
    Strongton is the longest running RPG on this forum, now in its third incarnation. It has a fantasy setting, with hints of elements from other genre's, and a long history. The story of Strongton has moved through many hands. The first thread created by Roran, having been run on and off by a number of forum folk, it is now run by Old Sparta and Sith Warrior. Adventurers can join at any time and be placed at some point into the current adventure.

    An interactive RPG of epicish level
    A fun choose-your-own-adventure style game run by Sith Warrior where the public votes on the where the story goes next, centered around a hero named Balthazar.

    The Gleipner Institute
    Character Thread
    In another reality a Post-WWII World was thrown off balance by the Hiroshima bomb. It released an energy that changed the world. People are now sometimes born with abilities to control the elements. But if they over-exert themselves, they will lose themselves and become a mindless Fenri. Luckily, the Gleipner Institute is there to teach them control. Hosted by Hidden Sage and Xeno.

    Ceres: Humanities Rebirth
    Character Thread
    A Sci-Fi campaign hosted by Sirveri (more info to follow).

    character thread
    A Modern fantasy RPG.
    Two worlds, once separate, are becoming one with devastating results. Shed your identity as ordinary and take upon an Alternate role as a new hero. But be wary, these forms may corrupt it's host.


    Mafia (Ongoing)
    Hosting Thread
    A game so popular on this forum it got it's own sub-section! Players are secretly assigned roles: either "mafia", who know each other; or "townspeople", who know only the number of mafia among them, and sometimes not even that. During each round, the Mafia choose an innocent to kill. While at the same time, all players debate the identities of the Mafia and vote to kill someone whom the majority suspect. Players are eliminated until either all mafia are killed or the mafia outnumber the innocents. In addition, there's often special roles thrown in there to shake things up!

    Dethy (No active games at the moment)
    Dethy is special version of the game of mafia. It has 5 players: 4 detectives of varying sanity, and a mafioso who has penetrated their midst.


    Kabooja's Comic
    Idea Poll
    A talented artist on, Kabooja wants to make a comic and has asked the forum for ideas.
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