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Thread: What the... did just happened?

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    Default What the... did just happened?

    Hi guys.

    I just registered the new server Ancient Europe, which I'm also playing in servers .com.
    This just happened without any reason.

    Any ideas of what can I do? Or even a good strategy from this lonely place?

    I might say that in .com4 this didn't happened to anyone.


    Edit: Idk if the image has enough quality. In any case, I spawned in (-275|-7).
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    Just forget this topic, I just saw more and more people spawning here. Sorry About that.

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    We believe there is an issue with spawning locations, as well as other things. I'm not sure what TechSupport can do about it at this point, but I have requested their assistance and am awaiting a response. I (or Minke) will update with any information as it becomes available.

    I just finished talking to TechSupport. Spawning will now work like it should. Anyone who spawned between server start and 9:30 pm Eastern tonight and didn't spawn where they expected and don't like it, may write to to have their account deleted so that they may attempt another spawn.

    In the deletion request, please make sure to include the account name and the server number, and write from the email address used to register the account. That information will speed up the process.

    Also, there is a spam filter on the admin inbox - if you don't hear back from me within a few minutes this evening, double-check your inbox and make sure you don't need to click a link to release your message from the spam filter.

    I will handle requests as quickly as possible, but sorry guys, I'm the only in-game admin-type person online right now, and I'll only be able to stay awake another hour or two before I have to crash, and I'm not sure when the next admin-type person will be online after I go to bed. I'll do the best I can to help before then. Thanks for your understanding and patience.
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    Is Ancient Europe fun?

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