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Thread: Dear Santa,

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    Default Dear Santa,

    What do you want Santa to bring you this year and why? Write your letter to Santa today for a chance to win 200 gold!

    1. One entry per person
    2. Must be original
    3. Limit of 1000 words
    4. Must start with “Dear Santa,”
    5. Entries must be in a form of pm to myself
    6. Must abide by all forum rules
    7. Deadline is December 19th 2014 at noon EST
    8. Staff members may not enter, but you can share a letter in this thread.

    All entries will remain anonymous. Entries will be included in a poll to determine the winner.

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    This competition is closed. I will put the poll up here shortly. I apologize for the delay. Thank you to those that entered.

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