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Thread: Does gold expire?

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    Default Does gold expire?

    Does gold last indefinitely after you finish a server? Or does it eventually expire?

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    Gold links over 6 months old do not work and have to be manually done by HQ but technically provided they are not so old that there is no record they dont expire

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    Default Deleting an Avatar

    I'm playing on my Iphone connected via Facebook but cant figure out how to delete an Avatar of mine so i can transfer my gold to another server. Any help?

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    Just like on a regular webbrowser, the iPhone browser shows the standard layout.
    So in the account you want deleted, double tap on the two cogwheels in the top right corner, and in the next screen switch to the account tab.
    There you'll have to scroll down to "Delete Account", select yes, and confirm with your account password.

    Since you've connected through Facebook, that probably will be your facebook password, unless you've had to create another password.

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