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Thread: US3 Restart

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    Default US3 Restart

    Pretty fast restart.

    February 3rd.

    Will former alliances be returning?

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    Don't think many will be here. US2 seems like it would be better. Wish ya the best on here

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    Just taking it a server at a time, Think ill be sticking to us2 too.

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    Feb 3rd? Geez usually I'm checking 3 times a week for when a server will restart. Was looking forward to taking a longer break after this one and the dang thing starts up within a month. Figures...

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    Way too soon or would have been fun to get involved after the prior 2 rounds on us3 have easily been one of the best in recent memory for both forums and in game play.

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    90% sure we won't be returning for US3.

    Way too soon.

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    Ok, who's running the show in NE?
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    Ok, who's running the show in NE?
    SPQR, but all the alliances on the server look like noobs

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    I would say it is too early to say anyone is running anything anywhere. Once second / third villages are being settled and cats are available, then it will shake out.

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    This guy wont be back, tho I would be fun!

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